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Ghost Trick - out now!

Professor Puzzles

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It's really short, you can probably do it in a few hours I should think, either way, it needs more love so you should go get it. I might buy it for someone for their birthday.



or something....

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A few hours is a bit of an understatement, I would have said it's nearer 10ish?

Anyway, either way it's totally criminal this is still only an 8-page thread! Still my game of the year so far and I'd be very surprised if it isn't at least top 3 come December.

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To be honest this game had barely registered on my radar but it seems to be getting almost unanimous praise in here. Yet another game to add to my 'buy at some point when your backlog isn't so ridiculously big' list.

it is absolutely wonderful. your heart will melt by the time you finish this charmer.

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Clear warning though, just like Pheonix Wright this is completely linear. The puzzles can really only be solved one way.

But just like Phoenix Wright it's all about the plots and the characters.

There is a flash demo out there you can play that gives you an idea of how it plays if you are sitting on the fence.

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I finished this yesterday. I was holding out for the iOS release, but then I was given this on DS for Christmas. D'oh!

But it's fine, it suits the stylus (although the dual screens are barely utilised).

Anywho, it turned out great in the end. I didn't like how simple and linear the "puzzles" were at the start, but around chapter 12-ish the complexity ramps up and you really have to start thinking things through properly. The gameplay takes a while before it becomes truly satisfying but it does get there. I suppose it's like Phoenix Wright in that regard.

The story also comes together beautifully. The plot threads all tie up in such a satisfying way; it's wonderfully clever and well-paced. I couldn't have asked for a better resolution. I really mean that; I had an idea for how it might come together, and it was already pretty awesome in my head. The real thing turned out even better!

I liked the way the game design tied into the storytelling, how it used visual cues to create more of an impact, like the first time you see

Missile's spirit jump a ridiculous distance and switch that statue around

or when you're first "seen" by

the Manipulator

. It's also got a logically consistent ruleset about what you can and can't do (contrived though it is, it's consistent throughout), which makes the plot all the more satisfying.

Animation, naturally, is phenominal. Every character moves differently, with their own identifying flourishes (the dancing!!). Every action is immaculately animated, even little tiny movements. It is a game that revels in the little details, and makes you watch them intently, over and over, as part of its fundamental gameplay. As mentioned, it really does make Miles Edgeworth look embarrassingly bad in comparison.

Overall, it's something fresh and new. I wouldn't want a sequel for that very reason. They should keep making new things, to a high standard.

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I haven't got the iOS game (paying for episodic chunks seems a bit much) but the DS game was one of the best games I played last year. As Sprite mentioned, the story ties up the loose ends really well, although part of me hoped they'd leave things open for a sequel (well, never say never...)

My favourite part was

saving the leaflet guy in the park - it blew my mind and completely changed my expectations of what the rest of the game would be like

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