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I'm trying to decide if I should get the PS3 version for the novelty of Move control in case it adds anything to the game but if EA are developing I'm not so sure. Might plump for the cheaper PC version on its own. Hope my aging 8600GT can run it though, that's the only worry. (Valve have been updating the source engine over time with various bells and whistles after all, I can run TF2 ok at 1650 by 1080 but that's an old game now...)

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Gerbik you sexy bastard, thanks for the Steam games! I assume you already those from the potato sack ? :D Damnit my finger is so close to the purchase button, especially since I know you've got it on PC and others here have it too.....

No problem, hope you enjoy them! yeah I had those from the potato pack which I bought for the Portal 2 co-op skin and the chance that I might get to play portal 2 early :lol:

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