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Portal 2


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I loved Portal, I did it all in one sitting and was probably one of my most enjoyed gaming experiences ever, just the right side of brain teasing but sensible and very funny. It almost felt like some sort of weird First Person relative of point n click games....

That placeholder voice was never Mackenzie Crook though, I recognised it from somewhere but it definitely wasn't him. I also think Merchants voice should be a little more digital too though.

Can't wait.

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God, I wish someone that actually asked interesting questions got these exclusive interviews. I know GameTrailers are appealing to a certain market, but I'd love to see one of the guys at Rock, Paper, Shotgun or something get another interview with Erik Wolpaw.

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He was ok until he started badgering Wolpaw for a catchphrase. That was the worst thing about the first Portal.

I think the blame for that falls on the audience rather than Valve, though. I don't think they expected the Companion Cube and "the cake is a lie" and all that to become such widespread mega-memes.

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I think the blame for that falls on the audience rather than Valve, though. I don't think they expected the Companion Cube and "the cake is a lie" and all that to become such widespread mega-memes.

Yeah it's not really Valves' fault that gamers latch onto anything slightly humourous and run it into the fucking ground.

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Yeah that's what I meant. Which is why I hate that Keighley is trying to start the same thing for portal 2.

Erik Wolpaw himself has stated that he now hates the cake theme directly because of the craze that fans turned it into, which is why it won't feature in the second game.

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New co-op trailer (CAM)

co-op gameplay footage. (may contain spoilers)


In co-op you'll be playing with a partner as a pair of Robotic Test Subjects, engineered to be fearless and apparently not too bright either. One player wields orange and red portals, and the other blue and purple. This cool vs. warm color scheme really helps to keep things straight when the portalry goes crazy, as does the visual difference between the two robots. There's a tall one and a short, fat one, and both are very expressive in ways that are immediately apparent but surprisingly simple, from simple gestures (which the players can initiate themselves) to "looks" on their "faces," if you will.

There were plenty of examples of stuff we've already seen in single player previews, such as the thermal discouragement beams (read: lasers) and refraction cubes, though it was pretty funny watching one player refract some discouragement in the direction of their teammate. But Valve also had a few new elements on display.

The first, most important, and most head slapping "I can't believe we don't see this in more games" addition is the "ping" system. Each player can set markers around the levels to indicate where they'd like their partner to fire a portal. Valve explained that this is something complementary to voice chat, since even when your partner can hear you, it's hard to really accurately describe where "over there" is.

The other new addition is the "Hard Light Bridge." These are bridges made of, well, hard light that can be routed using portals to access particular areas. These require very careful manipulation, as one wrong portal toss can divert the bridge and send pairs of robot companions into unhappy circumstances.

Of course, it just wouldn't be Portal without GlaDos chiming in, and she's in fine form. From making sure that players know exactly who got to a portal gun first, and who's doing better during each stage.

Other incidental bits of Portal's clever writing are also apparent in the some puzzle layouts' potential for comedy. The final puzzle Valve showed the crowd involved the momentum loops from the first game. You remember them, even if they had no practical application: you'd place one portal on the floor and another directly over it and jump in, building up terrifying levels of speed. The co-op aspect allows some very particular uses, like building up your partners speed, opening a portal on a different wall and watching them fly across a chamber. Then the standing player opened a new portal on a slanted platform, flinging their partner across a toxic moat… into a wall, which they sort of splattered against, sliding into the deadly goop below.

Valve used this as a chance to demonstrate a little robot reconciliation, as the careless portal thrower initiated a crafty hug maneuver with his pal to demonstrate that there were no hard feelings between test subjects. I'll be honest. It was very cute. Valve didn't say whether there would be any gameplay implications to robot cuddling, but for a game so dependent on demanding cooperation, a hug here and there might be just the thing to ensure peaceful coexistence between partners.

Other than that, well, it's Portal, really. The cooperative mode so far looks to be bringing all of the things that made the first Portal so special, and with a cooperative campaign that Valve predicts will last about twice as long as the original games length, and we've got a lot of a good thing to look forward to next year.

imageportal213668207000k.th.jpg imageportal213668207000.th.jpg

imageportal213668207000i.th.jpg imageportal213668207000.th.jpg

imageportal213668207000.th.jpg imageportal213668207000.th.jpg



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Although Valve announced a February 9th release date for Portal 2 at Gamescom this year, it appears that the ongoing joke about them delaying games is going to come out the woodwork once again. Yes, Portal 2 is now DELAYED!

According to Valve, who amusingly call this their "shortest delay in Valve history," Portal 2 will now be available "the week of April 18th, 2011" - so, we assume they mean April 19th for North America and April 22nd.


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