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Civilization V


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You can switch time off?! :lol: My god, im always learning something new about this game.

I made a point in January to try and play games that engage my brain a bit more thant "point and shoot", and Civ 5 was first up on that list. Got hopelessly addicted and have put in 150 hours since January.. :facepalm:

Managed to get Cultural, Science, & domination victories so far. Hardest one i thought was easily Science. I managed to do it with only one City as the Shoshone. I just got off to a flying start with them by building an extra scout and finding as many ruins as i could and choosing a free technology every time i could. I ended up racing ahead of everyone in the tech tree. But it still came right down to 2043, and i had the last tech to research, normally i wouldnt have done it in time but thank god a RA came through at the last minute and boom, last tech got researched in one turn, built the last part in 1 turn with a great engineer i had been saving, and that was that :D

In my previous attempt, Venice won on Culture ONE FRIGGING TURN before i launched my spaceship. The bastards.

I remember a game when Germany almost did that and I was playing the Russians. So I dropped a nuke on Berlin and sent in the paratrooper to raze it to the ground.

Didn't go down well internationally.

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I remember a game when Germany almost did that and I was playing the Russians. So I dropped a nuke on Berlin and sent in the paratrooper to raze it to the ground.

Didn't go down well internationally.

I've done that before, to win the space race! :lol:

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Hmm remembering my Culture win as Portugal involving dozens of nuclear strikes on the Iroquois. He built the CN Tower so I had to demolish all his free broadcast towers or my culture was never going to overtake him. I imagined a continent sized wasteland with a few scattered survivors desperately looking for a Nandos that wasn't completely irradiated. Yea...

I've been on a break from Civ since I got Xcom... feeling that urge to get back into it again though recently.

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I remember a game when Germany almost did that and I was playing the Russians. So I dropped a nuke on Berlin and sent in the paratrooper to raze it to the ground.

Didn't go down well internationally.

Yep, same here! What a rush when I pulled it off.

Game was basically over at that point, but the tension leading up to those few turns before doing it was incredible.

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The main ones I use are the emigration mod (as it says, population can and does move around from city to city) city limits (settlers show the maximum radius while moving. Saves having to count hex tiles when you're plonking one down) Krakatoa fix (it no longer spawns completely unusable in the middle of the ocean!) and one that finally adds copper to the mint. I also play around with various extra Civilisations (search for TPangolin. He/she does some fantastic ones) extra ancient buildings (potter for extra money from wine, smelter for extra production from copper and iron and palisade walls for a bit of extra defence) and extra luxuries (pack contains jade, amber, tea, cocoa, coffee and perfume).

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Ok, playing with communitas, city state diplomacy, emigration, quick turns, more buildings, settler limits and it all seems to be playing OK. Like a different game. Still can't get the most out of religion mind, the AI always spams missionaries, when the faith would be better spent on great people.

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Oh god this post turned out way longer than I expected, what am I doing with my life? I'll put some headings in to break it up as it's actually about four different games.

I caught the bug again this week. I still get plenty out of the game with no mods, still subtleties and features I need to grasp fully - mostly tourism stuff and ideology pressures. I've only ever played on standard speed with 8 civs and rarely play on anything other than the core three maps. It's the divergence from the same basic ruleset that you get each time I enjoy.

Back on the Horse

Easing back in I went with my old favourite Ethiopia. Satisfying game, started on a large island continent with Brazil. Tons of gems and grassland gave me a strong base to build upon, got a good religion using the 'tears of the gods' pantheon (+ faith for gems and pearls), which combined with 'tithe' gave me a very powerful economy. Brazil has a weird habit I've noticed of sending a settler very far from its core empire to settle on a good luxury spot, paying little heed to nearby empires. So I had Salvador sat right on my west coast - also worked in my favour as it gave me a place to send my early caravans.

Still after a while, once contact had been made with foreign powers and trade established, I decided to gobble up Salvador, and then then rest of Brazil. They're excellent neighbours in this sense, don't cause much trouble and their proclivity towards great works and building tons of those Brazilwood camps around their capital meant annexing their empire gave my culture a real shot in the arm. By this point I was looking at which victory to pursue. Diplomatic was looking the best bet, there was no Mongolia or the Hun gobbling up City States, nor an Austria of Venice in the position to poach them unexpectedly and no Greece of Siam to compete with for their alliance. Unfortunately the Maya were steaming ahead on tech (as they do) and were able to get a science win on turn 328, despite my best efforts (a few nukes dropped on their capital) my invasion fleet lacked the muscle to punch through the unit spam and capture the capital in time. I did load the game up to just before the war to see if waiting another couple turns for some more nukes would help but it turned out that if I didn't strike when I did they would have only won 8 turns earlier.

Disappointing, I think I could have tightened my gameplay up quite a bit. Should have annexed Brazil earlier and needed to synch up building the Manhattan project with unlocking atomic bombs better. If I'd been maybe five turns faster to getting at the Maya I'd have crippled their victory chances and probably won the next World Leader vote - I'd already got through World Religion and Ideology, I'd got the Forbidden Palace it was just a case of racking up the last few city states in time for the vote.

Fucking it Up Again and Again

Followed that up by a couple of brain dead efforts. Jealous of the Maya's win I had a game as them. I sort of hashed up the start - settled the capital on an inland sea with just plains surrounding it. Pumped out settlers and got them decent locations and I did start to take the lead quite early in science. Unfortunately I just assumed Japan would take a bit longer to annihilate the two other civs on the continent. It didn't and when they came for me I had next to nothing to fight them with.

Then a game as the Shoshone were I made a blistering start, amazing resources, Kilimanjaro, plenty of ruins - before realising I was isolated on some island. Bad situation made worse by the map being a bit odd, I actually was connected to other civs via a very thin bit of coastal tiles poked in behind a city state - if I had set a pathfinder or trireme to automatic I would have found someone a lot sooner. As it was by the time I'd made contact it was obvious I was too far behind to realistically turn it around.


Current game is going a lot better, despite a start that seemed to go horribly wrong. Playing as Portugal. Starting location was far from ideal, plenty Cow which is nice for a good start but no fresh water and only sea resources were a couple of crab, then loads of forest and tundra to the north-west. Scouts revealed my closest neighbour was Spain and that this continent had three natural wonders on it - it's a miracle they didn't run away with it there and then to be honest. Then I completely missed out on a pantheon belief as apparently everyone else was on faith steroids. Still I persisted and it really started working out. Went for Liberty and settled all down the eastern seaboard of my continent, including one a little inland to pick up some silver and one in a nice location next to Sri Pada in a position where I could set up sea trade routes with Arabia in the South-West corner. Arabia had managed to get desert folklore and spammed missionaries at me quite early on. I also had three cities in desert and their beliefs included pagodas giving me everything I could really ask for from a religion I didn't start. Really strong midgame where I raked in the cash by scrapping all the landroutes I had with spain in favour of sea routes and spamming out Naus to go do trade missions with city states and to completely map out the rest of the world.

The other continent contained Ethiopia, Greece and The Hun. Which must have been great fun for Brazil and the Songhai :lol: ... they just didn't exist by the time I got there. The moment I saw the Hun I rushed to build a navy, pumped out frigates, enough for each City to have one docked, and built walls and castles. I also recalled all my Naus now they'd finished exploring. Right on cue the Hun attacked but I was prepared and was dealing with him. Then Spain decided to invade with dozens of Conquistadors and Lancers due to our ideological differences. So I was fighting on two fronts to survive. Against a Spanish Horse Horde and a Hunnic Armada... Probably the better way round.

The world had actually turned out really well balanced by this point. We had six remaining civilisations or proportional size, strength and advancement, equally divided between the three ideologies. Freedom loving Spain sat between Order's Portugal and Arabia on one continent. The Autocratic Huns and Greeks sharing the main mass of the other with Free Ethiopia jutting out the side.

My war went well. I managed to bribe the Greek into attacking the Hun (I actually love doing this with Atilla in games, he once attacked a civ for me for 1 iron and 1 horse - dude loves fighting!) and my navy of double promotion frigates backed up by the exploration opener and careful use of Naus to finish off weakened ships meant I fended him off with only a couple of ground units slipping through - and nothing too dangerous.

Spain were trickier, I had started building a ground army but it wasn't really up to scratch yet and my income was getting wrecked by the Hun destroying all my cargo ships and blockading my cities (it can be a good idea to build roads even when all your cities are on the coast) so I couldn't upgrade what I did have. However I had one huge advantage over Spain - oil. They had nothing, I had enough. I pulled back some frigates from fighting the Hun and used them to pick off units trying to attack Lisbon while I researched flight and got some bombers built. Once I had them it really began to turn. Flight is always a game changer but this is one of the only times I've had it against a strong AI that didn't also have it. It was sickening really, I beat them back and then fought all the way to Madrid. Eventually they managed to get a few AA guns but not enough to slow down half a dozen Bombers with logistics and evasion. I only needed four infantry units to mop up and take and hold cities as they fell.

Final act was to agree peace the same turn I captured Madrid, and use a great general to pinch the one bit of Uranium they still had - don't want them coming back with a bigger stick do I?

Thinking about it I really should have been going after the Hun once I'd sunk his invasion fleet, the Greeks made huge inroads into his empire after I got them involved and I probably should have got in on the action while the air force crushed Spain. Instead I consolidated, rebuilt my cargo ships and positioned submarines along the routes to protect them in the future and built public schools and research labs in my cities.

I'm also questioning the wisdom of sticking with Order when I noticed it was giving me a -50 hit to happiness :lol: - I was managing it with the policies but this meant I never finished rationalism which in turn means I've got about 7000 faith and no great scientists to spend it on. I could be home and dry on science by now, instead I'm weighing up whether I'll need to build some nukes and pay Arabia a visit (they'd fucking deserve it as well, the cowards - every turn I went to them for help against Spain and every time they said no despite my generous offers).

Presently my plan is to use the free great scientist and engineer from the third tier of Order policies to grab Satellites and Hubble then the scientists from that to finish off as much of the tech tree as I need for the spaceship. Build Manhattan Project as a contingency and get a fleet in place to attack Arabia if they look like winning.

Whew. Writing this really ate up my shift tonight. What a good use of my time. I might get some screens later, it really is the best game of Civ I've had in ages. Maybe my best ever Deity game.

Edit. I waited to unlock satellites to take the screens so the map was completely uncovered.


Here's the core hub of my empire. You can notice a couple more cities tucked away down the southern tip. Spain out west. Arabs settled a City right in the middle there, bit annoying I probably should have taken it myself but I wasn't desperate for coal and never had the right window or resources to set up a city properly.



lol thanks guys


Deity, 8 Civs, Standard speed.

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Turn 367! - much later than I'd expect. The Arabs were definitely playing to win though, they had four of the 5 spaceship parts built. It wasn't one of those odd situations where the A.I had the means to win but simply didn't.

Did get a bit paranoid when they completed the SS Engine though.


Love that, 1.6 million turns to steal :lol: Just kept checking on their cities to see if he was building the stasis chamber, couple of ICBMs on stand by if he looked like completing it.

I basically did what I said I would. Managed to build Sydney Opera House and CN Tower while other cities worked on the SS parts. Used the extra culture to finally finish off Rationalism and buy four Great Scientists with all my stored up faith. Mass-bulbed to pretty much finish the tech tree, even got the Internet. With that done I started turning all my cargo ships to send hammers (hence the deficit) to Lisbon and Braga as they finished off the last couple parts, and dropped all specialists but engineers which got me a Great Engineer to finish one off so that was handy. Only had Globalisation and Fusion left to do. Far from ideal, really I should have got the scientists earlier to finish off the techs you need to win and make sure I was building the parts as they unlocked. But fuck it, win's a win.


It didn't end well for poor old Atilla :(


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Frosty, you are by and far my favourite poster on the forum.

Your write-ups on Civ are fantastic and make me want to get back into the game, and your analysis is just too perfect to compliment you on.

Great win, and thanks for sharing ^_^

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I always forget about trading directly with the leaders too. There should be a pop up as soon as you have any spare recourses showing who will trade for them. Roll on Civ 6!

Is there any news on Civ 6 at all? Has it been confirmed?

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It'll probably be years before Civ 6. I think it's more likely we'll get another expansion first, but then, that probably won't be for ages either, even if plans for it do exist and it's not just wishful thinking on my part.

I was going to quote the existence of the complete edition as evidence that they're done with Civ V expansions, but then that's never stopped people like Paradox...

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Er I'd have to check but fairly certain on the trade menu (i.e the screen where you see the other leader and stuff - NOT the resource menu which has specific details about source numbers and imports/exports) if it says (1) then it's the only copy you have of that specific resource. It's still worthwhile trading it sometimes - if you need the gold more than the happiness or if you want a different resource to trigger a 'We Love the King Day' or a city state quest but you will lose the happiness from having it.

I'd like another expansion. I was watching World War Z (surprisingly not crap!) the other night and thinking it would be kind of cool to have communicable diseases in the game that could play with with the trade and tourism mechanics a bit. I'd like there to be more reward for isolationism, or at least for it to be a viable alternative. They could even overhaul America and Japan (again) - New Civs include North Korea and Switzerland for lols. I know there's always been a desire for natural disasters like volcanoes and tsunamis. And I read some nice ideas for super structure tile improvements like suspension bridges and tunnels, which made me think about the possibility of collaborative wonders that work like Research Agreements and build things like the Channel Tunnel for lucrative bonuses to both Civs.

Could theme the whole thing around nature - mankind's vulnerability to it in the early ages and its eventual mastery over it. I assume there are already mods for some of that.

My last full game ended in defeat :(

I was going for a culture win since I still haven't been able to crack that on Deity. Went Ethiopia (I'd love to use Brazil but those Jungle starts always retard my growth early game!). It was going pretty well. In that I had become influential over three of the four surviving Civs by the end of the game - even forced Carthage to swap Order for Freedom which got the 'Tear Down This Wall' Achievement which was neat.

Unfortunately England had become an absolute monster Autocracy Civ. Bessie had duffed up the Inca early game and restricted the Mongols to a tiny peninsula that eventually got taken by Carthage. She was also going for the culture win and had built the Globe, Broadway and the Louvre (the fucker, England has got to be the only A.I to pick Exploration). I was going to need to capture London at least if I was going to topple them in any decent amount of time. Annoyingly the Hun was in the way, so I swept them aside (consecutive games where Atilla ended up with some sad little city in the middle of nowhere) but when I got stuck into England... my god it was a carpet of artillery and AA. I nuked Nottingham and rushed in to take it, but after that it was pretty much every tile from there to London filled with unit spam, along with a never ending stream of bombers. With enough time I could have stockpiled the nukes (Nottingham had all of their Uranium so they had no means to hit back) and eventually sniped London and crippled their production in other cities. But I didn't have time, Carthage got the science win :(

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I don't expect another expansion for Civ V, but if they do decide to do one, theming it around natural disasters and ecological balance would be a pretty smart choice. Pollution is probably the last remaining Civ mechanic that's conspicuous by its absence from Civ V, and if you had that coming into play in the late modern era together with natural disasters and some new buildings and wonders in the early eras it could actually work quite well. Plus new Civs of course.

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Yea. Make sure you do tinker as well. Civ has a lot of stuff that it can do automatically but you are rewarded the more you do yourself. Assigning citizens yourself and manually controlling workers in particular.

I've had another couple Deity wins since I last post. A culture victory as Ethiopia - another close call in that one.


I was influential with every civ bar the Aztec much earlier. Then he ate them all (me and Byzantium finished off the Polynesians sandwiched between us) and formed another Autocratic super state. Would be Monty too, with his 'culture for kills' bonuses. I really nailed my timings for wonders and great people for theming bonuses


Fairly pleased overall despite it being another fairly late victory, if any of Monty's continent mates had some backbone to stand up to him and stop him totally running away with it on that side I'd have won much sooner. Finally broke him down with great musician concert tours.

Then there was a really quite dull game as Venice.


Early diplo victory at turn 279. I don't really like Venice. They're a bit of a novelty really, quite boring to play as. And when they're the A.I they're typically useless.

A city state managed to capture an Indian city and for some reason didn't raze it. So I bought the City State to see if I got both cities.


I did.

Beyond that it was just a case of using all the extra trade routes to generate the cash to ally every city state in the game while making efforts to placate the other civs so they never attack me. (Picking their ideology e.t.c)



Bit too easy really. If my neighbours were anyone else I doubt I'd have gotten away with it.

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