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Megabump! A website for Nier's 10th anniversary has launched recently, so maybe there's something planned for the original game...?




(The icon at the top-right of the site lets you listen to the original Nier's overworld theme, "Hills of Radiant Wind"... well, a fancy piano arrangement of it!)


Also, Saito of PlatinumGames says that "various things" are being prepared...



Fans of the original (me included) would probably love a release for current-gen systems, but I think maybe that would be pretty optimistic!


Alternatively, I'd be up for a soundtrack collection or artbook... :wub: 

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  • 3 months later...

-Developed by Toylogic
-Fully voiced, re-recorded voices
-Automata's Takahisa Taura is also helping the development

-Saito says it's "version up" not a remake or remaster
-lots of stuff being added from the original
-possibility of a new ending? Saito says he is not sure
-Okabe is doing the soundtrack again. There will be new tracks.


4 minutes ago, Qazimod said:


E: shame it’s not Gestalt though. Papa Nier ftw.

That was my take as well. Papa Nier was far less generic than Brother Nier. 

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14 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

Oh great I’ll have to check this out. 

I’m assuming the combat isn’t like Automata as that was Platinum’s contribution?


It isn't as fluid as Platinum's combat but the foundations of melee attacks, unique camera placements and bullet hell are all there (and you have a basic evasive dodge roll) - Platinum just tightened everything up. Oh, and the original game has something called the Word Edit system which is comparable to Automata's plug-in chips, as you can attach various perks and buffs to your weapons... And all of the usual equipment upgrading you'd expect is still intact.


There's no hacking either, of course.

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Absolutely adored Automata. Never played the original Nier so I'm all over this.


What's with all the Nier news today anyway? Nier remake. Automata coming to Gamepass. Nier mobile game. Everything but a third mainline Nier game. They must be laying the groundwork for it, right?

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I'm disappointed that it isn't Gestalt. However having played Nier:Gestalt on the 360 just last year I'd have to rate it as pretty essential for Nier fans. Partly because of the music (although I hope it doesn't loop as quickly as the original version did) and partly because of some characters that had some impact on Automata.


It's clunky (at least the original version was) but it's one of the best games from the 360 era. A cult classic with a stunning soundtrack.

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