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Square Enix rather foolishly decide to enter the very crowded 3rd person brawler market

Just looks like yet another DMC/GoW clone to me, not sure what this is going to do, to stand out. Given that we've got; Darksiders, God of War III, Bayonetta & Dante's Inferno, all out or coming out in the first half of 2010!

Some blurb nicked from Giantbomb

NIER is an upcoming Action-RPG game from Square-Enix which features combat, magic and a twisting storyline full of cliffhangers and spoilers. The game is expected to release in Spring 2010.

There has been some confusion about the game, due to a different release plans for the Japanese market and an additional version.

In North America and the rest of the world, the game is simply called NIER and follows the story of a father struggling to save his daughter in a world stricken with a deadly disease called the Black Scrawl. In Japan only, there are, however, two distinct releases: NIER Gestalt for Xbox 360 (which is the same game released in the rest of the world) and NIER Replicant for PlayStation 3. The main difference between the titles is that the PS3-exclusive NIER Replicant features a younger Nier, who is struggling to save his sister from the disease. Otherwise the core gameplay and storylines are exactly the same.

In NIER, the title character fights alongside several companions, one of which has been revealed as a character named Kainé, identified as a hermaphrodite.

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Apparently it's out this April ! :coffee:


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10% of the new trailer floats my boat: the 'running on a wolf' part and some of the shots of the world. The rest... meh. Well, make it 15%. The girl has big tits and wears a thong :wub:

Still, no insta-buy at all for me.

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Apart from the hideous characters I quite like the sparse visual style to be honest, I think they've done a pretty good job on that given the low budget and rubbish tech they probably had to work with. Genre doesn't interest me at all though and I always hate Squeenix games.

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I just can't see it bringing anything new to the genre either in terms of presentation or gameplay, especially considering that I'm still playing Bayonetta from time to time - a game that looks a heck of a lot more vivid and plays like a dream. I agree that Squenix might have underestimated the strength of the competition in the genre, although I'm still willing to have a look...

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I've been quite tempted by this recently, I'll admit. Partly because I agreed to buy it for review for some folk :) but also because I love these kind of games and maybe if I go in with low expectations I'll be surprised...

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