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Riot shield 'boosting'



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Never knew what this was so looked it up.

A bit cheeky but doesn't really affect me, just means they are higher rank without the weapon attachments/pro perks.

I haven't done this and am not condoning or condemning it.

What is Riot Shield boosting?

Riot Shields are in the game for protection. You hold it up, and bullets hit the shield and not you. Now, we can use this to our advantage. You get points for holding up with a Riot Shield with someone shooting you.

How do you do it?

You get 12 men, just like a normal boost. Split everyone up, and have 6 people put A in the clan tag and have the other six put B. Then, each person picks a partner. They then label themselves [A1] and [b1] for a partnership. Each partner does this with the numbers 1-6.

Put the 6 in the party chat, and search for Search and Destroy lobby and invite the rest in. You should now be in a Search and Destroy lobby with 6 [A] and 6 .

Have every partnership go into a private chat! This way you can talk to your partner and meet up with him!

Once you meet, one will shoot at the others shield. This gives increments of points, about every 2 seconds. The first 5 increments are +500, then it drops to +100. You will get 2,500xp per run! *Take that IW* Have him shoot at you until you get your 5th +500. Then yell stop and the shooter will stop unloading on your shield. Then, you must wait 20 seconds after the last bullet was fired into the riot shield! This ensures that the next time you shoot him his points to back to +500 and not +100!

Repeat until game is over. It is recommended to plant and defuse the bomb, is more time and extra points! But please, plant and defuse it with about 8-10 seconds left to make sure the max amount of time is given to everyone.

The game should end with the score 4-3. The team getting the points (using the shields), will be the team who wins. Make sure the score ends 4-3! So plan your plants and defuses so the game will end according to 4-3.


-NO KILLING! There should not be ANY kills unless your partner tells you to kill him/her.

-No messing around and playing with other partnerships. Let them do what they have to do.

-If your partner dies, don't go and start shooting other people. It could mess up their count.


Riot Shield Class

-Riot Shield


-Marathon or One Man Army (+)


-Steady Aim

Shooter Class

- L86 LW

-One Man Army or Striker

-One Man Army or Slight Of Hand

-Stopping Power

-Steady Aim

One Man Army is HIGHLY suggested. This way the shooter can shoot one clip with the LSW, reload, shoot another, then use One Man Army to get a full ammo refill. This is the most efficient way and will get you the most points!

Other Tips

-Let one person go all 7 rounds (1 whole game), and then let your partner go the other. Its much quicker and you don't have to worry about switching classes.

-This is all XP not SCORE! Which means, it will all count as match bonous! You will rank up, but you will not get leaderboard score!

-Be cooperative with your partner! This is all teamwork!

-Use the game clock. If you get your last +500 at 1:00 on the clock, say "Hey, at 0:40 you will be shooting me again."

-Have fun and enjoy the rewards!

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I was looking for the prestige emblems the other day and stumbled upon a site dedicated to boosting and glitching in MW2. It's astounding. They have forums for arranging matches for different kinds of boosting and have videos of dozens of cheats etc.

They were doing the riot shield boosting by standing in front of sentry guns and getting huge points for it.

One guy made me laugh by claiming that he only does "legit boosting". :)

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Just about to get to first prestige (without boosting)

What is legit boosting? using riot shield normally?

Doing this would just just you to a high rank with nearly no perks or gun attachments, bit silly if you ask me just was bit surprised at the length and organisation of people wanting to cheat the system

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Only legit xp is the stuff you get for playing the game. XP isn't achievement, succeeding against skilled opponents is achievement. XP is a method of prolonging the game and giving you something aim for and to display your prowess. Boosting is faking prowess, like comissioning trophies for things you've never done.

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Well, there really is, and this is. The config hacks that instantly grant you a prestige worth of XP every kill, that's not legit, this is. Just a bit... dull.

Its not legit though is it? Its just another, more time consuming way of cheating the system/game.

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tbh, its not really game breaking. if tards want to waste time doing this to get to 70, then let them.

I'm more concerned over the real wallhacker / aimbot cheaters.

People will eventually get to 70. its not like this really spoils my fun. If i guy kills me with an AK that he got after only like 4 hours of play, I don't care. A guy kills me from a mile away while shooting a hand gun through a wall ... that pisses me right off.

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