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Deadly Premonition

The Sarge

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They do not need to update all of the controls. Those long straight roads will be pretty boring if youre able to cruise down them in a straight line. Some more atmospheric lighting and realistic shrubbery and trees would be very welcome.

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Seems Gamespot had an interview with SWERY waiting in the wings:

The pertinent information:

  • The controls have been brought closer to the third-person standard, i.e. right stick to aim, reload where you'd expect.
  • Move support is confirmed..
  • The game now renders at 1080p, with enhancements to texture work and shaders.
  • The Director's Cut supports stereoscopic 3D.
  • Alterations have been made to the beginning and ending, and there are additional scenes centred on York.
  • You "may" be able to buy a house in Greenvale, which is awfully specific for a possibility.
  • They're currently working on improving the map, although this is positioned as quite a challenge for some reason; increase the zoom level and don't auto-rotate, done!

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They do not need to update all of the controls. Those long straight roads will be pretty boring if youre able to cruise down them in a straight line.

Agreed, Deadly Premonition's driving model was a personal highlight of this generation. If they're changing it, they really need to add some further features like the airbag randomly going off in your face.

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Two Best Friends Play are doing a playthrough, so check out one of those videos for the changes.

So far seem to be that it renders at a higher resolution (although some cutscenes still are in the old and look terrible), there's new cutscenes, old ones are re-done, combat has been made drastically easier with enemies dying to one or two shots, and the audio level mix is fucked up beyond belief, with sound effects louder than music, which itself is louder than talking.

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Everyone upvote this. I need to see it in a Steam sale and spend a week pissing about over whether to buy it or not.


So, was this news overlooked by the fans or has Deadly Premonition just wandered off to die?

Can't believe it took me the best part of three years to track down a Xbox 360 copy! According to news reports upon its release, Rising Star decided against submitting the game for classification in Australia, so it was never officially missed. However, word of mouth pretty much sealed the deal for me... and it didn't disappoint. ;)

This generation's Shenmue for sure, however I had to forego second (and third) playthroughs because the whole single-axis control thing was making me motion sick. Am sure it's not a problem for the Director's Cut, but outside of that, can't say that I've missed anything crucial on the way (apart from sidequests). The

last boss

was a pain-in-the-proverbial; just rote grinding, but you can see there was a lot of love (and a substantial part of the budget) spent on

transforming the Woodman and Kaysen boss models.

Oh, and after three years, the game was highly robust; nothing broken for me - no crashes, no patches. A true diamond in the rough. Looking forward to Swery's D4... perhaps the first viable "Raincort" Killer-app for Kinect 2.0? We shall see. :)

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Just bought this off Steam and when viewing the first cut-scene the whole screen flickers like crazy. I can see the background/desktop behind so it's like it shifts between the game and the background like 20 times a second or something. Looks crazy. Installed the latest DPfix and this problem was there before and now also after.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised. :)



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I have the gold special edition, which has loads of stuff. I'm already wearing the loltastic espresso suit. And I have a host of cars in the options menu, including one that is blatantly Starsky & Hutch's car. How do I access those cars. Right now I'm driving a shitty police car.

If it works like the cars you purchase in game from the junkyard they should all be in the hotel carpark.
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Oh wow...

Becky's death. :o

I take it there was no way to save her. I did find it a little annoying that I managed to track Quint down before her death, only to find I couldn't ask him about Laura's Anna's diary at all. It seemed a touch contrived. It's also annoying how many places are "Closed" when you want to talk to certain people. I wanted to go back and have a second talk with the twins well before Becky's death, but the game would not let me. :hmm:

However, while the similarities between this and Twin Peaks is getting silly, the overall plot has me hooked.

Aw man you goofed.

You have to ask Becky about Delivery Man Q, but you're right, you can't save her.

As for places being closed it totally depends on time of day and if it's raining or not. If it is raining then basically nowhere is open.

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No spoilers, but the last 2 hours of this game will live with you.

Don't want any details/spoiler but does this game have a decent ending? Been playing ot slowly for ages, quite liking the kooky mystery, and worried I'll just be going "for fucks sake" at the end. Does the ending deliver?

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How often do the enemies that crawl out of walls occur? Fighting them is fucking tedious. The gameplay really is pathetic.

The ones that come out of like air vents? Not too often thinking about it often enough that it becomes very annoying and there are some weapons that make short work of them:

the quest at the graveyard

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