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I still haven't forgiven Uzi for his gushing praise of ME. I fell for that.. .and about 20 hours in or whatever I felt like scooping my own brains out with a spoon. I should've known after the same happened with Kotor. BioWare games are dull dull dull. They're barely games.



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I generally find as long as a game interests me, I can put up with dodgy inventories and annoying interfaces. It doesn't seem like that long ago since I was waiting 15 minutes for a game to load off some crappy cassette tape, having to use super clunky commands and the like for blocky, ugly and far more limited experiences that today's spoilt youngsters would run screaming to the hills from.

This for me. Mass Effect grabbed me hard and the last few hours are some of the most awesome gaming this generation. It does start off slow, it does have texture pop in and the planets and bases are identikit, but the story is ace, the choices you can make feel like they have weight and it simply transcended the sum of its faults. Plus you got to spend time in lifts. Not enough games feature that.

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Uncle Nasty despises pretty much every game he puts into the machine after five minutes, you have to understand.
Ignore him, he's a hate filled ball of endless gloom

Wait, you aren't all different aspects of the same miserable bugger's psyche? My word.

Mass Effect must have some of the least interesting art direction ever.

I can completely understand people not enjoying ME, but this is just... no. As Concept says:

Of all the things to criticise Mass Effect (which there are many), art direction isn't one of them. On the surface it initially may seem a little pedestrian, but after you've spent some time with the game you realise just how well BioWare are harking back to 60s/70s sci-fi in their mechanical/environmental designs. Brilliant use of colour too.

Bioware set out to make an homage to classic sci-fi, and they did so magnificently, with their art direction and soundtrack nailing the pre-Star Wars atmosphere perfectly.

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Tell me about it! That's the one thing I really hope they haven't screwed up for the sequel. Jack Hall & Sam Hulick are gods among men :)

You can already buy the OST from Amazon. Has a bit of different feel to it this time around going off the previews, but not in a bad way.

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