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I just picked up this PS1 classic from Ebay:




Very Panzer Dragoon/Starfox, but with a giant flying mech. I think this was one of the last great PS1 games, and now after years I can finally play it again, albeit on PS3. It has the brilliant soundtrack I remember, and the simple shoot first, don;t bother asking questions gameplay I loved.

Question for anyone else who has this, does this save your campaign progress, or is it one of these "play through the entire thing in one go" sort of games? I kinda remember it being the latter.

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Special Forces EX Generation Productnoid is exceptional product of Networks in ruined intellectual chaos of Alphacore constructions of computerised global Networks. . . this is the OmegaBoost

Love that opening music. That's Dreamer by Cast (I bought the mp3). Far better than the American (crappy metal band) and the Japanese ones that were used for each region.

Shade by Feeder on the Jap version = the winner. ;)

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