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Films that don't quite finish at the credits

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Does anyone now if there is some sort of list out there on tinternet that lists all the films that have extra bits once the credits have rolled?

Iron Man springs to mind and now having just watched Max Payne that had an extra scene at the end too... who knows what else I've missed out on!



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Thanks for posting my site! I've gotten a few hundred hits so far. I appreciate the mention!

That site doesn't seem to have Cloverfield on it, which is just about the only one I can remember.

So far the site is a one man operation and things have been busy. This movie is on my list. However the big issue right now is that my Blu-ray player is not working properly; and that is the format I have this movie on. As soon as I get it fixed or replaced, I will be having this movie up!

All the more recent Marvel films do, Iron Man, Hulk '07, X-Men 3, Wolverine etc.

Actually, the 2008 version of Hulk didn't, the scene that everyone thinks of with Nick Fury happened before the credits. As far as the rest that aren't on the site, see the answer above. :hat:

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