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Xbox 360 Game Room - Game Over!

The Sarge

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Ok now take this with a pinch of salt. Just been browsing on the facebook page in hopes of finding out what is happening with the service. No one from Krome has posted on there bu a few people have called up MS customer support and got this info

I got the same from MS..I found one of the three people who seem to "know something" about gameroom, was told content was delayed due to new website AND new dashboard,,,new developer is "already onboard" the servers will stay up during transition...MS IS still supporting game room..no actual change...better support than what Krome gave us..

Hopefully all of this is actually true. I have just over 10 games for my arcade and I really do like the service and hope that MS dont pull the plug. With a new developer onboard I hope this will mean that Game Room will be invigorated and gets a second chance with more publishers signing up.

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Youd have thunk MS wouldn't pull the plug; after all they agreed to the service and stuck it on XBL. It is, really, their responsibility.

Shame about the developers; if it had some better games, wasn't priced a bit strangely (who was going to buy "tokens", I bet that was a marketing man/directors idea that was pushed through "This will be so cool an work!!!"), and also didn't have a weird look about it and UI, then it could have been a hit.

So, change everything then ;)

There wasn't much in the way of hype about it though, I'm guessing that MS may correct that.

Still I've enjoyed the thread for it's comedic value.

I just wonder; would it be have been less hassle/better to make a "house of remakes" and try to do a load of old school new games (PacMan CE for example).

That may have had more bite.

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Why would the developer make a difference? Surely they're going to run into exactly the same problems in licensing content and it should be Microsoft who are putting pressure on the likes of Nacmo, Capcom and SEGA to get those games.

You said it; MS need to be behind it more.

I believe a different developer would have made a difference had they designed and implemented it. When I tried it, it just felt like a bit of a greedy mess. (oh and it didn't work when it was first launched did it!).

Perhaps too late for a developer to really change things now as the service is in place; still with more MS support the quality of game could improve. Might take a few mints though.

Also, a few months.

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So who was the driving force behind Game Room? I always assumed it was a Microsoft thing and they just outsourced the development to Krome. In which case another developer taking up the reigns isn't going to make any difference to the content. If it was Krome's baby, maybe another dev with more clout could step it up.

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I doubt Krome touched it in months, just somebody at microsoft activating the drip feed of pre-prepaired stuff that's been licensed and implemented in bulk since launch. The initial success probably wasn't deemed enough for them to bother getting any more stuff.

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Good lord.

Strider - Are we any closer to another interview with the Game Room people? I would love to find out what happened with this clusterfuck.

I've been in touch with staff but there is a gagging order that prevents them from talking at the moment :(

All I know is that Sunset Riders is part of pack 13

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Here's the list of games in the next pack.

Is this signs of a fresh start, or the last we'll be seeing?























All in all bar the Itellivision stuff that's a pretty damned good list of games. If it had that sort of quality and ratio from the beginning things could be completely different now.

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That's slightly better, simply due to the fact there's more arcade games on there than the fossilised 2600 titles we have been getting.

Still we seem to be locked into 1988 (and earlier) era Konami games for the majority of the arcade titles, actually aren't all of them Konamai??

We need some slightly newer stuff and something from the other big arcade names of the time

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