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Worst Looking Games Consoles

Lothar Hex

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that mega drive with all the trimmings looks like something out of alien or whatever. i think i like it!

so far i only count one duplicate between here and the "best looking..." thread (the atari with the wood trim).

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that a CD-i?

What the fuck's with the giant stick sticking out of the dpad? nasty.

it's just a proprietary recolour of an old Gravis pc pad. the stick unscrews and leaves you with a regular dpad.

i had one (the joypad) on my old pentium 233 and the dpad was shockingly shit.

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There were game specific plastic overlays that could be inserted to sit over it, showing what function the buttons did in game, inevitably they got lost.

It was just so shit

Yeah here you go, it looked like this


Worst bit about the overlays, where they didnt 'clip' in, they were flimsy and fell out easily.

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While searching for an image of the Mega Drive/32X/Cheat cartridge/Sonic & Knuckles/Game stack (I know I've seen one...), I found this bizarre thing:

I don't know whether it's a real clone or someone's mock-up (I know there were a lot of MD clones... remember the Scorpion?)

yeah it is real, there's a snes/nes aswell. Clearly one that does all 3 would be king of the world

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hell, just look on wikipedia. Click on every video game console you've never heard of. it's ugly. guaranteed.


The casio loopy, a console for girls with ten games released. it also prints stickers.


The PC-fx. hudson's successor to pc engine/turbografx? Apparently there were a lot of hentai games for it, since developers were so disinterested they were allowed to do whatever they wanted?


Ok a lot of people here will know what a pippin is, but it still looks like shit


What the fuck is wrong with these people


mmm, edutainment, delicious.


How about the action max, a... thing that loads games from VHS tapes, requires you to already own a vhs casette player, and exclusively plays lightgun games? interested?

who the fuck buys this wank.

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Sorry, wood is not cool. Oh hang on is that a tray?

Welcome to Wrong. Population: You.

The VCS is a console icon and it's design is perfectly in fitting the decade it was released in. That's the 70s fact fans.

Come back in 20 years and post a picture of the PS1 and you'd be equally wrong.

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