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Transformers: War for Cybertron (PC/PS3/X360 & NDS/Wii)


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Ha! Im really glad it wasnt just me who was thinking that.

Also is why shockwaves gun on the wrong arm? Is it for people who are right handed, like link being changed from being left handed to right handed in twilight princess on wii :lol:

Could just be the pic got mirrored by someone handling the Gamestop promo material..?

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Shockwave is a Multiplayer only thingy

Shockwave is confounded by your impulsive, irrational excitement at his appearance as a preorder bonus multiplayer character for Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Shockwave is a cold, calculating machine that only cares for usurping Megatron as leader of the Decepticons, not because he holds any hatred for him, but because it is logical that he do so. That's probably why he's a multiplayer exclusive, relegated to the game's Escalation Mode, instead of being on the front lines, where he might be too much of a loose cannon.

Get it? Loose cannon?

Players who preorder War for Cybertron at GameStop will receive a code when they pick up the game to unlock Shockwave in multiplayer. Players who are good friends with folks at GameStop won't have to preorder.

I'm really enjoying the new-old look the developers are giving the Transformers in this game. It's more realistic and a bit more alien, without making them all look like giant insects. You look at this guy here, and you immediately know who he is supposed to be.

I just hope the game is as good as the character designs.


did we know this and I missed it?

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Diablien wrote:For years now, Hasbro has been breaking from the mold and creating their own private viewing event corresponding with the date for the official Toy Fair Expo held in New York City. This tradition continued in 2010 with a presentation covering Marvel, Transformers, GI Joe, and Star Wars that was an invitation-only event geared towards media outlets for each of brand. Of course Seibertron.com was on-hand to bring a plethora of coverage through videos, photos, and up-to-the-minute update messages. However, coverage of one particular aspect of the presentation was left out - Activision's exclusive look at their upcoming title ;quot;Transformers: War for Cybertron.;quot;

The entire event was allowed coverage except for Activision's segment, which still contained some proprietary elements that were now allowed to be recorded or photographed. In lieu of any visual coverage, we will attempt to relay what was shown in as much detail as possible.

To start off, this game may be the Transformers' reaction to GI Joe's ;quot;Resolute;quot; cartoons series that is aimed a bit more towards a mature crowd. The themes expected to be covered in ;quot;War for Cybertron;quot; will be quite serious. In the live game play demo we were shown, death and destruction are at the forefront of the story. For example, Zeta Prime, who is assumed to be the previous leader of the Autobots, has died and Optimus has taken up command for the first time. Apparently, Zeta Prime will be the video game equivalent of the recent comic book fiction's Sentinel Prime. Regardless, the old leader is dead and Optimus is, like always, willing and ready to take up command.

The opening scene consists of Optimus, Ratchet, and Bumblebee traveling down an elevator and discussing the current situation. Megatron is making a major advance and Decepticon warships have surrounded the city. Bumblebee wants to get out there and ;quot;show Megatron a thing or two;quot; but Optimus explains that Megatron will not risk decimating the Autobot's capital city of Iacon with a full-on assault, since he wishes to conquer and use it for himself. This appears to allude to Megatron's motivation in the game, which has been promised to be explained by Activision's reps. The biggest surprise during this opening scene was when Optimus hails Jetfire on the halo communicator. Not only is he mentioned by name, but Jetfire actually appears on the Halo screen! Jetfire explains that he needs cover fire. Prime, Ratchet and Bumblebee leave Autobot HQ to reactive the city's anti-air guns amidst the Decepticon onslaught. This is when the game play begins. As a giant warship crash lands at the Autobot's doorstep, Decepticons begin pouring out and pummeling the Autobots with heavy fire.

As the game play began, one of the first things that became apparent was the massive amount of detail given to the environment. Cybertron is alive with activity. The world is dark, cold and metallic, at least the parts that aren't currently on fire seemed that way! There are plenty of obstacles to hide behind to evade fire and the environment appears to have tons of destroyable materials. Optimus was transforming with ease and ramming Decepticons. It was also demonstrated that projectiles could be fired from the front of the vehicle. Although it was not completely clear, there seemed to be some sort of overheat gauge for being in vehicle mode, so there may be some sort of limit on the amount of time a player may stay transformed.

On to level two for the Autobots, which revealed even more unexpected characters - Aerialbots Air Raid and Silverbolt! Them, along with Jetfire are in orbit around Cybertron amidst hordes of planetary debris. Something has definitely gone wrong because this level made the asteroid field in ;quot;Empire Strikes Back;quot; look like a snow flurry. In jet mode, the characters were dodging and destroying debris and could even transform to run across some of the larger sections of debris. It was explained by Activision that each level has 3 characters that will be playable specific to the mission at hand. This opens the amount of characters up to wild speculation. We already know that we will be seeing Soundwave, Starscream, Megatron, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Optimus, Jetfire, Air Raid, Shockwave, and Silverbolt, but just how many others? The next level reveals a surprise guest;hellip;

The last level that was previewed to the crowd at the presentation was a Decepticon boss battle. Megatron has the Autobots close to their darkest hour and that leads them to activate their last line of defense. You guessed it - Omega Supreme! Fighting against Omega were Megatron, Soundwave, and surprise guest, Decepticon Breakdown! Breakdown's head looked to be the spitting image of his G1 self. This level was only shown for about a minute but from what we saw, we will be having a lot of great moments in this video game. This Omega Supreme seemed much more G1 than the fully rendered trailer version, but I may be mistaken. Omega appears to be in a pit in the middle of a large room that the Decepticons can run around to take shots at him. Omega fires volleys of missiles at the Decepticons while Megatron barks orders at Breakdown to ;quot;stop whining and start firing.;quot; Omega's personality is G1 all the way and the voice is about as close to his 80's cartoon version as one could ask.

Activision told us that multi-player support for the game is going to be a very important factor. The 3 available characters for each mission allow for additional players to jump in and out at will. Although not specified, campaign may be playable via online. Other features that were observed from game play were that Optimus appeared to be able to jump and use a boost that could propel him in a variety of directions. There also seemed to be some sort of ;quot;power-up mode;quot; but it was not obvious how this mode was activated whether by damage, or item collection. Optimus was glowing pink and it could be surmised that his attack power is increased during this mode.

Characterization of each character is incredibly detailed. The voice acting appears to be top-notch and we can expect this game to be the new gritty origin of The Transformers. Ratchet appears to be a bit of his movie persona, perhaps even the same voice actor. Bumblebee is a much spunkier version of the character. He seems to be arrogant and fool-hardy and Optimus Prime seemed to have to keep his head in the right place. Jetfire is a very bulky white and red bot. He seems very reminiscent of the Classics mold. Unfortunately, the Aerialbots were difficult to make out other than their faces, which each appeared reminiscent of their G1 counterparts. Soundwave has acting as the voice of authority on what to do next, such as pinpointing where Omega Supreme's weak points were. His voice had a very successful vocoder effect that should make Soundwave fans very happy. Megatron's voice may seem new to fan of the series, but his new authoritative demeanor will be very easy to get used to. As an added touch, when other characters speak or call out story-telling voice clips, a drawing of the characters' face plus name appear in the bottom right of the screen.

When the lights turned on and the game left the screen, applause filled the hall. ;quot;War for Cybertron;quot; marks a progressive move for Hasbro's marketing for the brand. After having utilized cartoons and movie avenues of promotion, the next logical step to reinforce the Transformers lore is to target the video game crowd. Today's youth spends a lot of time immersing themselves in their games, very similarly to how a fan may watch their favorite movie over and over again. With each new piece of material revealed about the game, the fever surrounding it increases. ;quot;War for Cybertron;quot; may be more than the next greatest Transformers video game, it may in fact become one of the best games of the year and is there a better way to move Transformers into a new decade?


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In general it looks fantastic, though there are 'niggles'. Bumblebee's transformation looks rather elaborate in Bayformer way; he's already racing while panels are still shifting. One of the things that made Transformers (PS2) solid was the 'solid finish' at the end of the transformation making it feel pretty weighty.

I'm trying to understand Soundwave's alt-mode, but so far I can rule out tape deck and lamppost. Still, it doesn't look very vehicle-like which is a bit sad, as that may mean Soundwave will not be playable... (Which would be the biggest crime possible for me personally...)

But whatever,


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IGN Eyes On.

The story spans two campaigns -- one for the Decepticons and another for the Autobots -- and strives to explain the relationship between the two factions without demonizing any of the so-called bad guys. Even the good guys are not exactly as they seem. For example, Optimus Prime begrudgingly takes on the role of Autobots leader after he realizes that nobody else is capable. And Megatron is not evil incarnate, but misguided -- he believes that Cybertron has fallen from grace and seeks to restore the planet to its former glory by any means possible, even a brutal war.

The Decepticon campaign is a prequel to the Autobots one, but they can be played out of order if you prefer. According to Tieger, the setup works perfectly because you first wreak havoc as the Decepticons, unsettling the balance of power, and then you come in as the Autobots when all seems lost and fight to undo the damage. "The bad guy hatches an evil plot to take over universe. Then the good guy resets balance of power back to neutral," he says.

It also plays a lot like a Gears of War variation -- with some notable exceptions, of course.

You control the Transformers with the left analog stick and aim with right. They move as you might imagine the big robots would -- they're heavy, but they've also got speed, especially with regard to transformations. "We needed to make sure he game felt tighter, snappier, and that you're transforming more as a combat strategy," says Tieger. And you can transform at any time and anywhere by pressing the L3 button. If you want to run down a forever-stretching hallway instead of race through it on wheels, you can do that, but it'll take a lot longer. Although the transformations are incredibly fast -- really, really zippy, in fact -- you can interrupt them with melee or shooting if necessary, at which point the animation blends perfectly into your chosen action.

"The foundation about everything we put together was about controls feeling tight and snappy and even where we put the transformation button," says Tieger.

You can carry two different weapons and up to three grenades, assigned to a button, at ay time. And you've got two skills -- the cool down and the resource. For example, Optimus can slide into foes and also execute a war cry, which will power him up, layer a new reticule on-screen and then enable him to target away. Melee combat is assigned to R3 button like the Call of Duty series. It seems a little weird to push in the thumbstick to trigger an energon blade attack, but it works and the controls are customizable if that's simply not for you.
Here is where War for Cybertron is nothing like Gears of War, though. There's no cover system whatsoever. And there's not much of a lock-on mechanic, either. Certain weapons like the rocket launcher allow for auto-targeting, but for the most part you'll be aiming on your own as you make your way through the war torn and battle-scarred universe -- not necessarily a bad thing given the controls appear to be tight and responsive. You can also jack into turret systems, which is really well done. As you do, your Autobot or Decepticon becomes the turret -- a literal extension of the gun. If you prefer, you can rip the massive weapon from its station and carry it around until the bullets run dry.

In lieu of taking cover, High Moon wants gamers to transform and there are all kinds of vehicle types at your disposal. Cars, trucks, tanks and of course jets. To answer your next question, yes, Jetfire and Starscream are in the game and fully playable. So are the impressive likes of Skywarp and Thundercracker, for that matter. All the craft -- even the cars -- can hover when necessary. High Moon felt it pertinent to implement this feature so that gamers could easily get around the environments, effortlessly strafing left and right. As soon as players drive forward, though, the vehicles drop back to the pavement, their wheels lock into place and they drive as normal.

The cars are exceptionally fast on the ground floor, allowing for drifts and big air over jumps. All of the characters have been completely redesigned compared to either the Bay movies or previous Transformer cartoons or games. The Autobots all look like concept cars -- smooth, sleek. Meanwhile, the Decepticon models have more on common with big, menacing muscle cars. Controlling the jets looks particularly fun as you can float in the air, then zoom forward toward a platform, transform mid-flight, land on area, jack into a turret and shoot down some enemies, disengage and then take off into the air again. It's seamless and incredibly quick.
War for Cybertron is not a single-player-only affair. The entire game can be played cooperatively by up to three players. Indeed, even in the solo campaign, the artificial intelligence controls your two remaining party members as you run, drive, fly and gun you way through missions. "I believe the campaign level reaches its zenith when you're playing with real people," says Tieger of the cooperative play.

And then, yes, there is a multiplayer mode. And of this, High Moon Studios is staying fairly quiet. What it will say is this. "We have been all about multiplayer since the first minute we started. It's not tacked on. It's one of the pillars. A full chunk of what we've put together here. A serious hardcore gamer multiplayer experience that people will playing long after it ships."


Quite hyped for this after reading the above, sounds like it's in good hands. :)

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The story spans two campaigns -- one for the Decepticons and another for the Autobots -- and strives to explain the relationship between the two factions without demonizing any of the so-called bad guys. [...] Megatron is not evil incarnate


first wreak havoc as the Decepticons, unsettling the balance of power, and then you come in as the Autobots when all seems lost and fight to undo the damage. "The bad guy hatches an evil plot to take over universe. Then the good guy resets balance of power back to neutral," he says.


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