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Transformers: War for Cybertron (PC/PS3/X360 & NDS/Wii)


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Yeah, I agree with that. Replaying this and while still decent, not a patch on it's sequel. Even though that has very few actual boss battles, the ones hat are there (Bruticus, the Prime/Megatron fight at the end) are far better. Trypticon especially is a definitely a case of trial and error. Learning where you can stand without being fucked over.

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I wouldn't say "terrible" but yeah, on reflection it has some things against it. The two story structure effectively mean you have two tutorial levels, two levels twos and so forth. The colour pallet is very washed out, a lot of the levels tend to drag, and because of the co-op the characters all play the same apart from alt mode, and even then there isn't much difference. All of which was improved upon massively in Fall of Cybertron. Still a decent third person shooter on the cheap now.

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