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Transformers: War for Cybertron (PC/PS3/X360 & NDS/Wii)


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Ehrm... That Menasor is from Transformers Ongoing. Nothing to do with War for Cybertron. The rest looks distinctly Ongoing as well.

In comparison at least.

Yeah, all those images are figueroas concepts for the transformers ongoing series, from his deviant art page :(

Nothing to do with war on cybertron (thankfully!)

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How the hell they gonna retrofit the Predacons and Dinobots into this, guess who I want to see the most...

As the Dynobots, I guess. Grimlock is probably still some kind of Lightning Strike Coalition member with a torn up past that would make Drift jealous.

The Predacons are probably not introduced yet (nor are any of the Combiners/Gestalts, iirc).

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It's a pity those robot modes of Hot Rod and Kup aren't attached to War on Cybertron, the vehicle modes might look a little too Earth but they look fantastic (and, as a child and still now I suppose, I was always partial to their relationship). Still, hopes sailing high for this.

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I must say, the marketing for this game is pretty low-key. Apart from the announcement itself it's been relatively quiet. And considering the game is coming out in a few months, game details are surprisingly non-existent. I know some people have already had it in their hands, but it seems Activision is keeping a tight embargo-lid on it for no apparent reason...

That or I'm just too eager to get more info.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Official site has updated as well: http://www.transformersgame.com/

Custom repaints!*

And Gamespot has some in-game stuff in their On The Spot show including the battle with Omega Supreme:


Reminds me of good ol' Tidal wave. <_<

God, I can't wait for this... :lol:

*: We'll be swamped with Nemesis Primes.... :twisted:

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Could this do for High Moon what Arkham Asylum did for Rocksteady? We can only hope.

Hopefully. Their Bourne game was very enjoyable imo and they were very good at building intensity in that game. That Mini driving section though... We'll see. They've got the IP down lock, stock and barrel though. :lol:

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What do you mean "thankfully"?

Wheeljack is one of the best designed figures I have seen since the original from 1984.

The wheeljack is the only one that looks decent! The rest are hideous! All the transformers look like old men, gone baytastic. Hot rod in particular looks dreadful!

I always liked fig's art previously, but the transformers ongoing stuff is a mess. Its too much like michael bays stuff where theres too much going on in the character design. Its not sleek enough.

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Thanks to the lovely RPS boys for brining this to my attention:

If there's a PC version and someone comes up with a mod that does exactly this, I would be so there. *That* music and *those* gun noises are just fanfrickingtastic.

I didn't think they could make this any better, fucking brilliant

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