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Panic Attack, Uruguay director makes EDF-style short

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Not sure what happened to my initial post - forum gave up responding and just seems to have posted the topic twice with no content...


Twitchfilm link to trailer if youtube isn't being embedded still..

Commercial director and FX man Fede Alvarez has created one nice little piece of film to add to his resume called Panic Attack! or Ataque de Panico!. Set to the tune of John Murphy's 'In The House - In A Heartbeat' from 28 Days Later giant robots stride through the morning fog from the ocean and proceed to blow shit up.

Looks more than a little like EDF 2017 - The Movie...

Not massively sophisticated effects, but nicely integrated..

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Apparently the guy who made this short film, Federico Alvarez, has already made a production deal with Sam Raimi and his Ghost House pictures. This short film features giant robots attacking Montevideo and has some interesting visuals.

From /film

The hotly tipped future talent of the minute is Federico Alvarez, a 30 year old Uruguyan behind the YouTube smash sci-fi short called Panic Attack - which you can see below the break. So far, Alvarez seems to be following a very similar racing line to the one Neill Blomkamp has roared around over the last few years.

According to a report in El Pais (via Film Junk), the film that Alvarez has signed on to make for Ghost House will also feature giant robots. He’s working with a budget of $30 to $40 million and has a $1 million fund just to fund script development. There’s apparently perks too - Alvarez, his girlfriend and also his co-writer Rodolfo Sayagués have all been relocated to new apartments in LA and given cars. Reading all of this, I had an uneasy feeling that either Alvarez has been speaking too freely or that the El Pais journalist has betrayed his confidence because we rarely hear this kind of detail.

According to Alvarez, he and Raimi share a vision of what the feature film should be and this is why he was happy to sign with Ghost House. It seems that he didn’t even keep his appointments to meet with “Dreamworks, Fox, Warner and The Weinstein Company”.

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