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The Baking Thread

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  • 2 months later...

I dun made some bread. First time with a proper shape as I used a loaf tin; past times I've just shaped it onto a baking tray.

It's got a bit of an 'n' shape going on but I like it. Waiting until the girlfriend gets home to cut it!


Next up: loaf V2 and a victoria sponge!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fo shizzle my hizzle, I've made a lemon drizzle!


Also I wanted two puddings (not for me, we have guests honest) so I've done a chocolate tart too.


The best thing about the chocolate tart was there was a bit of spare mixture and a bit of spare pastry, which means a taster tart for the chef! Plus it was the first time making it and I wanted to see how chocolatey it was.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Woke up early this morning with an absolute burning need to make a lemon drizzle cake. Had to do it. Was up at the shop at 8.15am, left my butter to warm up a bit for an hour and then I was into it. Preheated my oven, blended my sugar and butter, added my eggs and zest, lined the baking tray, in it went... out it comes after 45 minutes - looks... odd. Tried drizzling it, it's not soaking it up. Sudden flash of derp - I forgot to add in the flour. Lemon drizzle flan. I tried it, ate the crusty bits, binned the rest :(

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My mother-in-law very kindly gave me a Le Cruset fluted flan dish:


What the dickens can I make in it? It doesn't have a removable base. I ask this even after watching the pie episode of the Great British Bake-off last night - they were all able to get their pies out of the base (presumably because they had removable bases?).

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It was my Father in laws 50th birthday last weekend so my wife made him a cake. I tried to help but comedy icing cock and balls were "inappropriate" apparently.

He likes to grow his own veg hence the cake's theme. The actual cake was a victoria sponge, his favourite. There's also a couple of galaxy ripples under the white sheet icing to keep a bit of a wave in it.



Interesting note, the cake sides needed to look like a barrel so I cleaned (Thoroughly!) a roller that's used to give paint/varnish a wood effect. I'm not sure how well it shows in the pics, but in flesh it worked really nicely. Oh, and we did remember to take the pins out, they were holding the flowers on while the edible glue set.

That is truly AMAZING!
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It's my friends birthday today, he owns a pub restaurant thingy. So, the wife made him a cake. He's the one behind the bar, I'm not sure who the handsome bastard with the blonde hair is meant to be. Please ignore our minging tiles, the house is in the process of being renovated.


The bar stool is made from icing wrapped around a galaxy ripple, and the cake board/pub carpet is an off cut bit of fabric from somewhere. The paper on the bar is a Guardian (not shown a previous effort called "The Gaurdian"). The actual cake is a Victoria sponge, and the little people are made from mexican paste, which is an icing that goes very hard. So, should he want to keep them for a while they will last for months, even uncovered.

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