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Neill Blomkamp's Elysium


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Wow. Just...wow. And thats not even that good a trailer in terms of editing.

Yeah, just a bunch of effects shots spliced together. I kind of think I should go on a media blackout on this now; they've been very sparing with what they've shown us so far, but they still have four months to basically show us the whole film in dribs and drabs.

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Is Sharlto Copley a Cyborg Ninja?!

The sci-fi in that looks great even if the trailer is a little poor. But then I remember the trailers for District 9 showing very little of what the film was actually about so I'm all in!

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I agree about it being a bad trailer, but I suppose it's good really that they're not splurging their load so early. I've got faith.

The Elysium bits definitely have a Halo vibe about them too. Nice.

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