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Parks and Recreation

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Chris Pratt is the source of 100% of my spluttering, out-loud laughs when watching the show.

The look of disgust on his face when Leslie mentions her old best friend in Eagleton, before asking who she is cracks me up every time.

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I really do love this programme.

It's so nice to have a comedy that I can smile at, all heart-warmed-like, as well as finding it funny.

Yep! I love how Parks & Rec can pull off a really nice sincere warm ending to a show, without it turning out to be very cheesy. The end of the last episode reminded me of Ron's birthday episode. All of the character just work so well together, there isn't a single pairing of characters in the show that I can actually fault with any good reason.

Saying that, last night's episode of Community was something very special... I think this is the first week in a long time that Parks & Rec has been my second favourite sitcom for a week.

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The scenes with Ben in this weeks episode were fantastic. I was a bit worried that now his and Lesley's relationship was over, the writers might run out of storylines for Ben and send him the way of Mark in season 2, but he was by far the standout this week.

He turned what would have been a pretty crappy side story with Donna and Tom into the best part of this weeks episode. His delivery of "I have never been so stressed in my life" was the hardest I've laughed at Parks in a long time, an that was before freaking Batman even came into the episode!

I loved Jerry and Chris' scenes this week too. Also, Millicent Girgich was literally, smoking hot.

I give this episode Swanson/10.

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