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Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising

Boozy The Clown

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Leave gamertags, PDN IDs, whatever you PC guys use and arrange co-op sessions in here.

Boozy the clown - GT: Boozy The Clown

I'll be on tonight from about 8:30 if anyone fancies some get some!

Hoo Rah!


Boozy The Clown : Boozy The Clown

Minstrels : mmcgrorty1

mlewis : mlewis

Fazz : Karzee

Dunx : Runcan

kramer : o kramer O

Frankie Lee : Frankie Lee

Sgt. Chaos : Stewed Elk

Meerman : Meerman

max renn : MOOSETWIT

Tequila : Insptr Tequila

myoozikk : myoozikk

EmGe : Gulrot

Poppalarge : poppalarge121

rockstarjez : ?

Vulgar Monkey : ShakyTarantula


PC: Forral

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Gamertag: Runcan

I imagine i'll be on and off for most of this weekend! Can't make any games tonight.

I can be everyone's medic. Nothing I like more than heroically running into fire to help someone before getting my arse handed to me for being so foolish.

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