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Any Fantasy recommendations?

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So I've made a massive fuck up and need some advice from the people who have read this series.


Somehow I've listened to 15 hours of my latest audiobook series (The Mistborn series) to only realise I've been listening to book 3 and not book 1. But the way it introduced characters and talked about history it could have easily been book 1. It does talk about past events but I presumed these were just things from well in the past that we learn about via the characters chatting. Obviously I've just found out that in fact all this stuff actually happens in book 1 and 2. 


Fuck knows why I didn't notice this. I don't feel out the loop on anything at all and am still enjoying it but do I stop and listen to the other 2 books (55hrs) or just read a synopsis of them and call it an error. 

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Finished A Little Hatred the other day, finally.



Shivers! :wub:

Wonderful :(


Some great new characters and old ones tagging along. Some good social commentary with the haves and have-nots and the industrialisation of the world. 


A bit of war, some laughs, some gut-wrenching moments and some traitorous bastards - A little hatred indeed.


Amazing reading again - just brilliant. I love listening to these books so much because of Pacey's reading and Abercrombie's writing complementing each other so well.

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