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1 hour ago, Jamin said:

What is your secondary account, Al? You should probably put it out here for everyone to add!
My physical copy of the game is apparently on it's way. I'll be on tomorrow night if it's arrived by then, failing that some of Saturday eve too.


AlfromsleepUSA. My kid has made a player for it, he’s using that account for his games these days  :D

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For those that have played, how are you finding clubs?


Aside from being so hit and miss with my goal scoring I'm quite enjoying it ^_^


What have you gone with for your pro's? Currently my guy is 6"2 and i've focused more on physical / shooting rather than pace / shooting this time around. As it seem's easier for defenders to keep up with you it makes sense to be able to hold them off better so that you can bring other players into play a bit more.


There have been just as many comical moments on this one though, scrappy goals in the box where the keeper has saved the ball only for it to hit my guy in the face and go in the net, @tcharliel falling onto his face the other night was entertaining but generally they don't seem to hamper the experience like the last game so far.


I think my only current gripe is the bug that lets attackers get in behind the defenders so easy from a goal kick.


Anyway's I'll be on tonight if people are about? :)

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I'm on and off these days but if I'm about I'll drop in. 


I find it good overall, I think there is more skill required in areas that were too tolerant of poor positioning before. I think winning the ball from goal kicks, getting in place before free kicks, and keeping within 15-yard passing ranges is really satisfying. It doesn't seem yet, there's a sure fire way to dominate in those areas though I don't feel the same way about keeper reactions and corners. They definitely need work. 

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