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18 minutes ago, tcharliel said:

Yes. I can tolerate about 3 or 4 games in a row before getting frustrated.


I'm still up for playing every now and again though. Got to try and get some value out of the £45 I spent on it digitally <_<

I did the same, how saft are we ^_^ Not only do we keep going back to a frustratingly annoying game but we both can't get rid of it even if we wanted to :D


To be fair it was alright last night. It's not as good as 17 admittedly but it's more enjoyable when there are a few of us on.

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53 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

I went to get a drink and everyone left lol:unsure:




42 minutes ago, Steely said:

That 11 man team did have some pretty tidy set pieces like.


They had chances, just didn't have the same sort of clinical strikers we did :D

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6 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

Yer was a good laugh,thats what i missed ,probably helped that we didnt actually lose a match all night :P


Yeah someone will have to take over any before long. I think my limits about div 5 :P


There were some saft moments, some of the ball control from players and I think at one point one of the any players I got control of ran into the ball and it just pinged off him back out for a corner from near the halfway line :doh:


I think because i'm more relaxed about the game now i'm enjoying the saft moments like that though.

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