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Yeah, I feel the same way. Sometimes it's like they don't know what to do with her anymore. Back in season 2 she was a pretty interesting and complex character, now she just seems flailing about. I don't know if that's the point and maybe that's headed somewhere, but this week was another time where she didn't really do too much and got overshadowed by everyone else.

Parking lot scenes were the best. Dean was a highlight again.

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Meh, Britta rarely makes me laugh now. She is probably the weakest character.

She's traded places with Annie.

In season 1-2 Annie Britta was the strong female role who was on par with Jeff. At the same time Annie was the young girl who had very little life experience and we had an underlying plot line of her growing as a person. At some point the "you've Britta'ed that" was introduced as running joke and her character went from strong role to idiot while Annie was promoted to the lead character. - Britta can organise a full wedding but not make a sandwich? It's a shame because Britta's early character as an equal to Jeff was a great role.

But then I preferred Pierce when he was cast as the character helping them all in the background without them knowing...

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They've come close three times that I can recall.

1. at the start of season two when they try to out do each other as to who loves who the most and Abed brings in a wedding party.

2. During Shirley's wedding rehearsal they recite vows only for Shirley to stop them

3. At the end of either season 4 or five when they propose to each other when it looks like Greendale is gone then dismiss it when it's saved.

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I was expecting today's episode to be the least grounded of the season so far and while it's a heightened TV reality it's not as cartoonish as I was expecting. There was a lot of strong character stuff.

I'm sort of ready for a completely OTT episode actually. Maybe the paintball one will deliver.

Also, for those keeping score 1) Annie 2) Britta this week.

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Really enjoyed it, didn't know Berry was iin it, even though I saw him tweet a few hours before that his "episode should be airing right now", episode was a bit flat but the fact that he was in it made it a good one.

Now to go watch The I.T Crowd again :)

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