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Why don't they preload games on consoles?


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OK, so the 360 and PS3 are shipping with up to 250gb HDDs now. This got me wondering, why don't they preload a bunch of games on the HDD? Maybe one or two unlocked, and another dozen you could pay to unlock online. Or they could preload a bunch of the most popular XBLA/PSN games and demos, so you've got them right there when you first power up the machine.

Also, it would mean they could embed the 'pack in' game right into the dashboard, which would be cool for limited edition machines.

And, I bet Activision and EA would pay top dollar to have their games/demos included, which might take a few quid off the cost of the console. Well, maybe.

Dear Mr. Microsoft and Sony, you can use this idea for free, thank you.

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