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Best pop song of the past decade?


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So, my brother was playing this the other night, and it's appeared in my head randomly over the last few days. So, we've had a smoke, and I've just popped it on, and I actually think it could be one of the best guitar based pop anthems of the late thirty years. It's so fucking good, the range on the acappella, the backing vocals, especially on the chorus. The catchy guitar work, and there's such a load of different sounds. I'll be honest, I don't even know the significance of the lyrics, it's just a fucking badman track. Alie?

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'82, so I said thirty to get it in the bracket. I'm suprised no one's supporting the statement.

I'm with you man.

It's an amazing track, in a kind of pompous kitsch cheesy way.

But don't watch that vid - it's awful, I want to imagine something far more epic when listening to it, not a bunch of badly dressed child molesters wobbling about a set that looks like it cost a fiver

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