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oh I don't think so. Not at all. Dreadful band. Pavement are a photocopy of a photocopy of The Fall, seen through a lens of US indie wrongness.

Interesting that the bass player ended up with SY though

Oh god, piss off. I thought you were FOBT for a second there.

This is the best news ever. Jicks just weren't the same live.

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Pavement are one of the best bands of the 90s, anyone who argues otherwise is a fool. I saw them live back in 1992 on their first tour of the UK, and they were fucking amazing live, and I was a lot younger. :blink:

I would be nice to see them again, that's for sure, but it won't be the same of course.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Big non-surprise:

All Tomorrow’s Parties is honoured to announce that the legendary Pavement will curate ATP in May 2010!!!

It would be fair to say, we at ATP get to present some very special bands. But we are beyond excited to announce that legendary US band Pavement will headline and curate the weekend of May 14th-16th in 2010!

After years of speculation, arguably the most important American band of the Nineties is returning to the stage with the line-up of Mark Ibold, Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West reuniting for dates around the world in 2010 including curating and performing at ATP Weekend 2 on May 14th – 16th.

Described in their own Wikipedia entry as having experienced "moderate commercial success," Pavement's catalogue for the Matador, Domino, Drag City and Treble Kicker imprints has come to define in the eyes of many, the blueprint for independent rock over the past generation and we are thrilled to have them join our illustrious list of curators.

Tickets are priced at £160pp for room only and £170pp for self catering and go on sale this Friday 9th October at www.atpfestival.com

See below for full information on Early Bird and Instalment Tickets...

A second ATP festival weekend featuring a different curator on May 7-9th, 2010 will be announced next week!

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Don't know about connections but Malkmus chose these bands last time he curated about 5 years ago:















I'm probably going to be holding off for the other weekend, whichever The Stooges are playing at really.

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I've been to something like 4 in the last 3 years and they've always been fantastic - I can't imagine going to a "normal" festival now in this country. The music is almost consistently great without any crappy filler stinking up the bill, proper toilets, showers, crazy golf, funfair, beach, curated TV and cinema, amusement arcades, waterslides etc; people I've been with before have only seen 5-6 bands all weekend and still had a great time. There's always a chilled atmosphere about the place - bands wander around like normal punters and there's no hyperactive kids on their first weekend away from home; it's generally a slightly older crowd.

Pavement will probably be playing on the Pavilion stage for which the sound is fine but I'd recommend getting pretty near the front (you can normally slip in on the left hand side). I saw Grizzly Bear there earlier in the year from near the front and the harmonies and stuff were perfect, if you're standing right at the back it can seem a little like watching a band in a shopping mall (not quite that bad, but it's a little odd). Better sound than outdoor festivals definitely.

The smaller stages are excellent - one a 3000 or so capacity room, and the other about 1200; both of which are like normal gig venues - I've seen the majority of my favourite shows ever at ATP, I wouldn't be worried.

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Brixton show announced for May 11th next year, O2 pre-sale tickets available from tomorrow apparently - general tickets from Friday. As it's a Tuesday, I'm guessing they'll announce more if it sells out quick (which it clearly will).

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Hopefully they'll ask The Fall to play, I think the whole band are fans if I remember correctly

First confirmation of artists today:






I know ATP is sold out but does anyone know whether it might be possible to get tickets anywhere?!

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If you keep an eye on the event page on last.fm, there's quite often the odd space available or (very rarely) people offering up chalets for sale. They sometimes offer extra chalets nearer the time that were set aside for staff, but I wouldn't rely on it.

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