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How can I make a glowing Halo in photoshop?

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I only have paint and photoshop, but paint doesn't allow transparent backgrounds.

I only need something simple as a little joke for someone. But anything I google is for giving someone a glow, rather than an actual halo. I know bugger all about photoshop and making a circle like that seems impossible. Any help much appreciated.

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Do this on a new layer above your image (Create a new one)

1. Select an eliptical/circle selection tool (default one is the squar so left click and hold on it to change it the circle)

2. Draw an elipse the size you want your halo (click and drag)

3. Flood fill it with your halo colour

4. From the menu bar select "SELECT>MODIFY>CONTRACT

5. the value you enter in the selection box will be how much smaller it makes your current selection

6. hit delete

7. Double click on the layer with the halo. Look for the outer glow option in the large selection box and tick it on, play with the settings to get it how you want it (size and spread mainly)

Et voila. Hope this helps.

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