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Guild Wars 2 - RLLMUK server: "Desolation"


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I had a hankering to play this again now that the entire season 4 is out. Turns out I'd never finished off the episode above and in the end it turned out to be pretty fun.


I spent the last couple of evening playing through episode 4 and I've now started episode 5. I thought for a hot second the new map was the previously mythical Deldramor front but sadly it's one down from that :)


Once I finish all 6 episodes I'll be working on getting the second flying mount. The Skyscale. While a bit time gated and a massive collectathon it seems much easier to crack out solo than the griffon and also more importantly much cheaper. It's something to chip away at piece by piece anyway. From a quick glance through there doesn't seem too be any need to hitch a ride on a grind train.


The prologue to the next selection of episodes is out now and seems fun (Although I'm not starting it until I've done with this season). Lots of new mini games and activities and according to Massively a heavy metal concert put on by the char.




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These days I generally play the episodes on my Scourge Necromancer since she has stacks of health and barrier, plus minions I can put out as a distraction. Makes some of the shit they put in these episodes easier to manage. Boss fights tend to be a ground aoe spamming slog. And occasionally they'll throw mechanics into the episode that are a bit easier to push through with extra health. Although despite that I really enjoyed the boss fight from the end of episode 3. It was a lot of fun which I don't often say about boss fights in this game.


Then episode 5 has a boss fight so spammy that the game won't actually let you die. When Arenanet do that in a boss fight they obviously know it's shit :) The mechanics in this one were fine but the boss had so much health that you had to repeat the phases too many times and since it ramped up the aoe spam every time you loop it just got very unfun by the end.


Once I finish the episodes however I do any open world play with my Daredevil specced thief. I love the way staff combat flows in the open world with that class. He's just a bit squishy I find for the story missions.


Story wise I've been really enjoying season 4. Especially the political aftermath of the final fight of episode 3. I like how the awakened and non awakened in Joko's realm are a fleshed out society in GW2 rather than just zombie canon fodder. I've been spoiled by a couple of the story beats for the final two episodes (The episode 5 spoiler was very hard to avoid in particular) but I find it's the journey that I enjoy. I know where this season is going to end but I currently have no idea how it gets there :)


GW2 is one of those games I have in my rotation to come back to every now and again. I think the mounts probably help there. They make getting around the map so much more enjoyable. Even the glider is a welcome addition to open world content.

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Living World Season 4 done. A nice ending and a really fun final zone. I've got the prologue to the next season but I'm doing a bit of work on my Skyscale progress first. It's time consuming but definitely less of a ballache than the griffon.


I've also switched for the moment from my Scourge Necromancer to a Mirage Mesmer just to see how I handle something more squishy. Surprisingly well it turns out. Mirage is a fun spec.


The game is pretty old at this point but is still quite the looker




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I think my Mirage Mesmer has become my main. The spec is so good at cutting things to shit in double quick time. The way I have her specced and geared means that most of the time I'm also dodging (Which the mirage spec does in place rather than with a roll so positioning isn't an issue). Very good fun to play.


I've done the ballache running around the map, getting into weird places to collect a load of shit part of the grind for my Skyscale. I really don't know how the first people to do these actually find them. I've moved onto the next part which is long but I can do at my own pace across a large amount of the maps. I'm also building up stock of the season 4 map currency since I'm going to need that for the very last stage. This is something that's going to take a while but can be done as I play.


I'm going to take a break tomorrow and do the new season prologue while it's still fresh.





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The zone for the last LWS4 episode is set on top of an immobilised elder dragon. Immobilised by three fractured segements of the mists representing Balthazar (Fire), Mordremoth (Jungle) and Zaitan (Death). It's a great zone to dick around in and the meta is always busy.


I need to up my recording bitrate but here's a quick look at the Burning Forest.



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I can't wait to do this tonight


Another even more memorable event was the Metal Legion concert. Yes, this is an all-Charr metal band, performing for the entertainment of the four legions, debuting songs about Charr pride and unity. They have some experimental new Asuran stage gimmicks, which (as you might expect) go horribly wrong. Players are tasked with making sure the concert goes smoothly and the crowd is hyped. Events will pop up all around the concert arena, including making sure the guitar amps have enough power cores, moshing with the crowd, defeating magical spark elementals spawning from the speakers, crowd surfing, and stopping a flaming rogue animatronic dragon. All while stopping crazed fans from rushing the stage and downing the band. You know, your usual rock concert stuff.

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Since I found out about the next expansion I've been playing the arse out of this again.


1st I did the rather involved tasks to get a second flying mount. The skyscale. The original griffon is like a fighter jet. It flies straight and fast. The skyscale is more of a helicopter and has other uses. Both are super useful. Especially in a map meta zerg.

2nd task was to unlock the new skimmer mastery (To allow it to be used as an underwater mount. This was surprisingly not difficult for Grind Wars


Next up was to get caught up on all the missing episodes. I hadn't done any of the new Icebrood saga. Two new maps across four episodes. Very good indeed. Nice to see ways to blow your karma too.


The last day or so I've been fiddling with my characters to see which ones I'd prefer to do metas with. Normally I just use my Scourge Necromancer for most content since she's almost an easy mode but that gets boring so I've tried almost every other class and used up all my money. Turns out the only other class I can actually play is Mirage Mesmer.


For an 8 year old game it's surprising what they can get out of the engine. They have a very talented art team


Here's my Mesmer.




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