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I've been away from LIVE and COD4 for 8 months so please forgive me if I'm the last to find out about this, but I've been getting spammed the hell out of from "recent players", saying, "We're having a Mike Myers match, if you want to join etc etc".

I didn't have a clue what they were talking about so looked it up on You Tube. So it's a knife battle where one guy is the crazed, titular hero, yes?

Have you seen this video? Made me LMAO.

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I love meta game types like this, although I've not played any on CoD 4.

There were a few on RS3 that I loved. Man, the best one I can't even remember...this is going to annoy me. It wasn't Mexican Standoff, although that was a laugh as well. I think it was best suited to City Street Large. Dammit, what was it?!?

[EDIT - YES! I remembered! Predator!

One guy had a normal assault rifle (The Predator) and everyone else had D. Eagles. The Predator could *equip* a D. Eagle to blend in with everyone else, but you weren't allowed to fire it! Cue hilarious encounters of people trying to prove or bluff who they were (shoot your D. Eagle buddy! I already did! You must have missed me. Now if you'll excuse me, we have a Predator to find, because it's not me, honest...)

It was everyone against the Predator and if you managed to kill him, it was your turn next round. If you were the Predator, you had to be careful to pick everyone off and not find yourself up against 4 or 5 guys with Deadly D.Eagles!

Damn I wan't to play that again now. I don't know if it would work in many other games because the balance, maps and not being able to reliably remember who people were made it perfect.]

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