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SFIV 1st Division - Week 6, Season 2

Michael J Glocks

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Anyway here's the final table, for the third time this page:


Congratulations to GC Zombie for taking 1st place and going undefeated, something nobody else managed this season. Just make sure you win the premiership next season so we can all feel a little better about ourselves. And congrats to sith for taking 2nd and proving he should have followed infexious into the premiership at the end of last season.

Thanks to everyone who took part and made the whole thing relatively headache free. Sorry for the occasional inaccuracies in the table/late updates to the fixture lists. I hope everyone who saw this season through will be involved in the next one, whether we get to play each other or not.


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Polmon! It appears we have a playoff to, er, play? First to five matches. Don't particularly fancy my chances, looks like a pretty close league.

Any time this weekend good for you? Failing that, I can do Tuesday or Wednesday evenings next week. Give me a shout - PM or XBL message will be fine, not sure if you'll be able to get a friend request in as my list is always full of people from forums and I feel really rude culling people from it ;)

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I'm around today strawdonkey, I'll drop you a friend request now. Gimme a shout if you see me online m8 ;) You'll probably hammer me though, I haven't played in ages now, never did get used to the stick, and I'm badly hungover / exhauted from a Monopoly board pub crawl yesterday :P Should be a laugh though

edit - can't add you as your friendslist is full, just drop me a message if you come online today, I should be around. Cheers.

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