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3D Dot Game Heroes

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Eurogamer have re-reviewed the game and given it a lower score. (different reviewer)


3D Dot Game Heroes does have its moments and fun features, like a cute little avatar editor (guess what I made), and the ability to take screenshots and save them to your PS3's photo gallery. But every one of the problems it suffers from elsewhere is something that Legend of Zelda, through its longevity and the massive expertise of its designers, has either long since overcome or never had to worry about anyway. More or less everything 3D Dot Game Heroes does well, meanwhile, is something Zelda has already done better.


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I'm actually pretty psyched for this... even more so since I got it for just over £20 pre-order.

The Zelda vibe is really interesting, the funky pixel graphics are unique and the fact it looks like photographic tilt-shift is even more entertaining. I'm glad it has customization of characters too. Everyone will be making Link, clearly!

I'd like to see a level editor...

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Got this early today. I absolutely adore it. Great homage to Zelda and Nintendo. The style is lovely and it's just plain fun.

Plus for Demon's Souls fans - there's some great moments which will give you a laugh.

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My copy arrived too.

Gahh! too much to play and absolutely fuck all time to play at the mo.

I'm going to take this down to Bath tomorrow on the off-chance, it's not multiplayer but it's a 'curiosity' that I think a few people would like to see. Might be my only chance to see it in action for a week or so.

Why do I pre-order games :)

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Quick Look video from Giantbomb

Just watched this through and for a preview walkthrough from games journalists that was actually entertaining!

Ordered the game off the back of it, although always intended on picking it up anyway truth be told.

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Can't believe Nintendo hasn't tried to put the boot in with this game. Watched it on Playr the other day, and aside from the obvious 3d-ness, it's a complete rip of the 8 and 16 bit Zeldas. The graphics, the weapons, the powerups, the monsters, the dungeons, the puzzles, the plot, the colour scheme, the HUD, the gameplay - even the music. It's almost as if they've *directly* lifted the original Zelda and put it in almost 3D. Amazing.

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