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Frightened Rabbit


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Loving this band at the moment. The singer's Scottish accent really comes through, which I like the sound of.

I also quite like 'We Were Promised Jetpacks' which are another Scottish band with similar strong accented vocals.

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I love Scottish singers.

Also really worth checking out, My Latest Novel (just discovered they have a new album out!), Arab Straps' Philophobia, and just this week I got the album There Will Be Fireworks, and it's amazing. Hurrah for the scotch.

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Is anyone else looking forward to their new album massively?

The two singles are so, so good. This one is about a rebound:

She was not the cure for cancer / And all my questions still asked for answers / But there is nothing like someone new / And this girl was nothing like you

And this one asks the age old question, are you a man / are you a bag of sand?

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Their songs have turned up a couple of times in season 2 of Chuck, my favourite being the romantic scene soundtracked by a weirdly censored version of "Hole".

One of their tracks is used in the first couple of episodes of Season 3 too.

Looking forward to the new album! :)

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Not nearly enough love for the latest album in here. A thing of staggering beauty and will take some beating as my album of the year. Go stream it, buy it, whatever.

What I really came here to post though is this.


(don't know why this won't embed)

Special colab with Manchester Orchestra 12” for Record Store Day.


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I saw these guys for the third time last night, up in Dunfermline, and loved every minute of it. Their new album, Painting of a Panic Attack, came out last week and while it doesn't have the consistent brilliance of Pedestrian Verse, there are still a few beauties on there :)

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Still too early to make a proper judgement on PoaPA, but big fan of the band, and like what I've heard of the new stuff so far. And as you say Wallace, they're tremendous live.

I read an interview with them in The Skinny the other week that suggested that this album maybe nearly didn't happen at one point, with them wondering "if the world needed another Frightened Rabbit album." Glad they decided that the answer to that was yes.

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