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The Walking Dead!

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Yeah, World Beyond is utter cookie cutter banality. Right from the off it bends itself in loops by trying to explain that the stupidity of the kids is actually due to the stupidity of the teachers of this (successful) community. This is a world in which zombies are a perpetual threat, so how are the young prepared to face this menace? Oh, they’re given a spoken presentation, with a few diagrams, on how to kill a walker and that you’re probably best off running away. Just...fucking what? The worst possible way to get those kids to take a threat seriously is by making it theoretical. They should be exposed to restrained walkers; hold the thing back with an animal catch pole, so that it’s still reaching and flailing but stands no risk of biting, and have them show they can kill it. That a community, which lasted through the worst times of this world post outbreak, could be so hilariously shortsighted as to raise a load of complacent idiots that neither take such a fundamental threat seriously, nor know how to handle it in reality, is so insulting to the viewer’s intelligence. 

I mean, it has other problems, but that doozy killed the show stone dead for me in the second episode. It’s like the writers have acknowledged that they’ve become reliant on characters acting like imbeciles to create peril, but rather than trying harder to avoid such a trope they’ve actively looked for ways to explain it in universe. 

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1 hour ago, Bucky said:

My wife and I couldn't make it through the first episode of world beyond.  It was just dreadful.


It was terrible but like the first episode of Fear the Walking dead it offered a hint of something that wasn't the same formula. In both cases they threw it out the window within an episode or two and back to the open world shit that hasn't been interesting since the first series of the main series.


I'm amazed that a show as popular as the original hasn't been able to find a good angle for other shows.


My pitch would be basically avoid the zombies for the most part. We've done that and unless you skip 10-20 years and basically clean most of them up and show a rebuilding world (as I wondered if this new one might do) then what is the point? The original series is and has been in decline for many series. If you do the same thing you won't keep or increase your audience.


So I'd do an ensemble series set during the start of the outbreak.


Each series:

  • is short (6 or so episodes).
  • set in the same probably big city (think San Fran, LA or NY)
  • covers the same period from just before the outbreak to the local area collapsing and the people fleeing
  • features a different perspective and cast

So maybe the series go something like this:


  • 1 - "Normal" family so we get very little perspective other than what they see on TV or from social media
  • 2 - Firefighting crew. See a wider picture of the unfolding incidents.
  • 3 - A governing politician (mayor/governor). See reports from different units and strategy planning
  • 4 - Army/national guard. How they try to deal with it before failing.

You can have some crossover between each series but no focus outside the core idea of that series. Think The Wire where each series looks at how the the drugs trade impacts different things (low level dealers, distribution, kids and schools, political impacts etc).


Wow, typed much more than I expected. I hate watched from about series 7 onwards and basically quit after 9 before catching up recently. I like the ideas but it's so badly executed.


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The Walking Dead: Miami - zombie surfers

The Dead have invaded the West Wing - The president bites people, but he's a republican so that's ok.

The Walking Dead: Celebrity Edition - Big Brother, but with zombies

The Groaning Singer - Can you guess who is under the mask?

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