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Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!


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Doesn't matter if you're having beans on toast or something you slaved over for hours. Post a pic and say anything you want to about it.

Tonight I threw some stuff in a pan and ended up with chicken thigh curry and pilau rice. It was yum, with Coke, of course.


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Aw, poor pizza. You must have been really fed up.

Thanks about the cupcakes - I'd never done piping before and had no piping equipment so had to make do with a cardboard/sellotape nozzle and a polythene bag.

The cake part was Nigella's coca-cola chocolate cake. If you do a half quantity recipe of you can get 11 cakes. I love this cake recipe. It's very moist whilst not being heavy.

And then soft butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and a cooled bar of melted chocolate all beaten together for the icing. I've frozen them so I can thaw one out at a time for puds.

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Pork with a honey, Southern Comfort and black pepper glaze with mashed potatoes and peas.


(I'd never thought to use Southern Comfort in cooking before, but we had some left in our house after a night out and the next morning I thought it might taste nice with pork.)

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It was literally that or nothing. And I like my greens! I especially like broccoli. I didn't actually mix the two (although I'm sure sausage and broccoli go together fine!), just ate the broccoli first and then the rest.

I got about 15 carrots that go off in a few days but I'm just gonna have them raw. Maybe with some humous!

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I'm always taking photos of my dishes, here are 5...

Vegetable Chilli Con Carne with M&M's


Anchovi/broccoli/chilli pasta with Kinder Egg plateu of green beans


Honey Glazed Pork Kebabs with Rice and Mars Bar


Spicy Chicken Melt with Marshmellow


Double Mars Burger (with vegetables)


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