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Them Crooked Vultures


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Is the lead singer any good on record?

he sounds all over the shop on that live clip!

Listen to any QOTSA record dude

Full live song with bad quality ahoy:

Grohl backing vocals from the set. nice.

PS... they are playing Islington on Monday night, no word on tickets as of yet

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Just watched that clip. They sound a bit TOO QOTSA for me. With JPJ and Grohl, I was hoping for more of a Led Zep feel...it's a bit too heavy for me at the moment.

Would like to hear more, high quality songs before passing judgement, though...

I wouldnt say they sound QOTSA, The Queens are a lot more slow and forced. This lot sound fucked up heavey, whitch is great. I'd have hated it if they were all pop. The moment i get more info on live shows and other such shit i'll post it here

i love the above vid, look how happy JPJ looks, he's loving this music

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That song sounds more interesting. Can't wait to hear some proper, high quality MP3s, though.

It'll come, rumors are that the album will be out in November

in the mean time, this is the song that interests me the most

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Saw these on Saturday at Lowlands. Was quite a good set. John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl together are excellent. They have a few songs better than what you've posted there I think, Elmo. Their jam bit at the end was utterly fucking epic as well. Sadly it's all a bit too QOTSA. Certainly seemed to be the opinion of most others on Saturday night. Needs more Grohl backing vocals, a bit more JPJ on piano/ridiculous bass guitar scratchpad thing and Josh Homme to do something different with his guitar at times, and if/when they do they should be stunning.

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