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Shakira - She Wolf

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Man. That is actually a very tight wee track. Funky-ass shnit. Love the bassline, love the strings, love the synths, love the vocoder. Just can't really stand her regular voice at all. They should have vocoded her beyond recognition. Also, what's with the "karate-chops to the fud" dance?

But still, here's hoping for more italo-disco flavour in modern pop music. This track works.

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She really is an immense dancer. Makes Beyonce look like a pile of puke.

Utter shite. If there's one thing Shakira can't do, it's dance. Go back and watch again. Try not to be blinded by that arse of glory. She moves like the rusted-up, sans-oil Tin-Man from the Wizard of Oz. And these are the takes they've gone with. Her best stuff. Elsewhere on the cutting room floor will be footage of her flailing about, crying, as a frustrated mess. She is like a stiff, leaden lump. No funk there at all.

But, yeah, she can shake the money-maker pretty well. I'd say Bey slaughters her on the dancefloor otherwise, though.

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That was...better than expected. ;)

The non-vocoded vocals spoil it somewhat. That weird back of the throat singing she does doesn't really suit spacey disco stuff.

Could have done with a better video, too.

isn't it more nasal than the throat?

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The dancing in that is fucking embarrasing. Honestly, what the fuck is she doing at 3:17 (or there abouts)? Looks like a rigourmortised, reanimated corpse wandered into the disco.

The track's alright. Some nice strings and vocoders ticking a few boxes on the Vermilion checklist, but the vocal performance is just crazy weak. I get the impression the lass has no fucking idea what she's signing about, 'cause she manages to sing a line as stupid as 'Darling this ain't no joke, this is lycanthropy' without cracking the fuck up.

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I was wondering yesterday who did the production. So... who is it? There were a shitload of producers on the Santogold album, not least M.I.A.'s producers, Diplo and Switch and them.

Shakira wrote and produced the track with John Hill, and Sam Endicott (Lead Singer and Songwriter of The Bravery)

Apparently. They're well known for producing some real bangers man :D

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Damn. Just yesterday I cussed my girlfriend out about how there was no way Shakira wrote this joint. It came on in the car and I was like "Man, I wonder who put this together for her?" and she was like, "Maybe she wrote it herself?" and I was like, "Oh yeah, sure, she suddenly woke up one day and knew how to make a storming piece of disco music."

Now I hear that not only does Shakira know how to make storming disco music, so does some cunt from The Bravery.

Fuck this.

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