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SFIV 1st Division - Week 3, Season 2

Michael J Glocks

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The Table So Far:


Outstanding Fixtures:

Round 4

cale - Cales Moog v Dave White - The Dave White Result 3 - 0

Round 5

Dave White - The Dave White v sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl

Round 6

Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II v Dave White - The Dave White Result 3 - 0

This Week's Fixtures:

Week 3 29/07 - 05/08

Round 7

giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan v cale - Cales Moog Result 2 - 1

Dave White - The Dave White v Asura - Kutai

GC Zombie - GC Zombie v sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl Result 2 - 1

Polmon - PolmonTheNinja v Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II Result 0 - 3

Round 8

Carlito - Dollarez v Dave White - The Dave White

sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl v giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan Result 3 - 0

Asura - Kutai v Polmon - PolmonTheNinja Result 0 - 3

Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II v GC Zombie - GC Zombie Result 0 - 3

Round 9

cale - Cales Moog v sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl Result 1 - 2

Polmon - PolmonTheNinja v Carlito - Dollarez Result 3 - 0

giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan v Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II Result 2 - 1

GC Zombie - GC Zombie v Asura - Kutai

Fixtures are posted up in the format 'Host' v 'Challenger'.

Host (home fixture) plays on 1P side, Challenger (away fixture) plays on 2P side.

Each round is 99 seconds, best of three rounds.

You must play three matches against each opponent. Even if you lose the first two matches, you must play the third and confirm the outcome of all three matches.

Please post your results in the following format:

Host Username - Gamertag Matches Won v Matches Won Challenger Username - Gamertag


Asura - Kutai 1 v 2 Sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl

Both players must confirm each result.

Get to it!

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I think my for/against should be 13/2, not 12/3. Not that it matters because this week I'll be taking at least one 3-0 defeat, I can feel it...

I'll be available pretty much all evening tonight, so sithlord/asura/dante if you're on we can get ours done.

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Dante, carilto and Asura, I'm around this evening from now onwards, and I'll be around tomorrow from about 5.45ish, if any of you want.

edit: btw - I only have 2 matches showing in the table up there, but I've done all 5 of them (1 win, 4 losses).

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Asura - Kutai 0 v 3 Polmon - PolmonTheNinja

Working 12 hour days is really taking its toll; I was all over the place in those rounds. I jumped repeatedly into dragon punches and whiffed almost all of my ultras. By the end of the first round I was mentally drained and the rest was just embarassing.

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Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II 0 v 3 GC Zombie - GC Zombie

Dear oh dear! I think I got one round, in the final match. Otherwise it was a bit of a walkover.

I eagerly await the result of the sithlordx/GC Zombie games!

Nice friendlies afterwards, you got your revenge in those :)

If I was a betting man, I'd put money on sithlordx to beat me.

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cales moog 3 - 0 the dave white

Damn close matches against Dave's strong, attacking Ryu. A mixture of luck and inappropriate taunting getting me through. No time for friendlies this time sadly.

Good matches!

Just Sith and the Pan left for me. Can we get 'em done tomorrow evening, gents?

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Polmon 3 - Carlito 0

Oh dear that really went cuntybooby for me. I couldn't land a headstomp or tech a throw for love nor money!

Anyway good fun games nevertheless. I am chosing to blame personal illness/family disaster/the cruel tides of fate/a hangover for my performance.

I'll get you next time Gadget!

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