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Words With Friends (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)


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Download (59p)

Download (Free, ad-supported)

Post your usernames here so we can build up a list of players. If I miss anyone's post (as I tend do), just send me a PM and I'll get you on there.


WWF Ladder

To get added to the ladder, challenge anyone on the ladder and post a pic of the final board (hold the 'home' key and then press the 'lock' key, the screen will flash white, and a screenshot will be saved in your photo album), and you'll be added automatically. You can host it here or attach it to your post. To see the rules, follow the link.



Forum Name - Username

11 Herb's 'n' Spices – MonkeysInc

7084 - Teeohbee


Barnard - PBarnard

BlinkyBear - Blinkeeee

bph - arewenotben

Brainfish - Brainfish

Bushtopher - Bushtopher

Cactus Jack - Cactus Jack

Cassidy - CassidyUK

Choddo - Chodley

Chooch81 - Chooch81

eddydonuk - eddydonuk

ElNino - FirmZero

DangerM - JimmyDC

Dazza - DarraghW

deKay - deKay01

drewthmsn - drew thomson

Duncan - Duncanm

Fondue - Fondue

Fudge - MrFudge

Fusty Gusset - Crispy Noodles

Gloomy Andy - GloomyAndy

Great King Bowser - greatkingbowser

Hardbattle - Hardbattle

Hero of Canton - Rudderless

Isstai - Isstai

JLM - Jayelem

King Antonius - KingAntonius

KYUSS - kyuss

LittleJoe - LittleJoe

Looper - edorourke

MagicalDrop - Magicaldrop

michael - idlemichael

mindgames - mindgames

Mortis - Mortis316

Nada Surf - sladie

nemo - HairOnFire

Paulando - Paulando

pinkoboe - pinkoboe

Pistol - petescrap

SaintM - SaintM

Sammy - Bombaybadboy

Scratchy - ScratchyDirk

shirubagan - kerumba

Spleen - pfspleen

The Great Khali - iancre

therev - ThatRevChap

Tomox02 - Tomox02

Uxorious - uxorious

watusi - watusi

Wroth - Wroth

Yiggy - yiggyulthar

gospvg - gospvg

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I'm hopelessly addicted to it already - despite being schooled by Dekay and a good few others. I have a good few games running but you can never have too many - add me up Mortis316 is my username for it.

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Loving it so far, though my vocab is seriously being tested.

I'll be up for a tourney of some sort, so long as I get a duffer in the 1st round!

I've got about 10 games on the go, but always wanting more, MORE, MORE!

Username: SaintM

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Bring it. Having some great games at the moment. DeKay is a great opponent.

Check my sig for username.

If by great you mean unbeatable :)

Anyway I'm playing this a lot as well, more than Monkey Island. And some games I win and some I lose so feel free to add me. Gamertag below.

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I'm either bobontheway or bobalong, I'm not sure which due to a cock up when first installing the app. I've already added quite a few people on here but if you want a game either try to add me or PM me and I'll add you. Definitely my favourite iPod Touch game so far, I'll echo the comments of it being incredible addictive.

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I just posted this in the other thread, doh.

Hello there.

I've added a few of you on the old Words With Friends game, user name is now pfspleen (was Dave Pay).

I keep on getting shite letters, that's my excuse.

Feel free to add me if you wish for an easy win.

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I'm loving this too. I like the fact that there isn't a dictionary within the game too, as Scrabulous and the like made it too easy to just try crazy letter combos until you got something to put down (something I obviously never did myself!) :)

Anyway..... Bushtopher is my username, and I'm up for games.

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i now have 13 games of this on the go.

And no, I will not download the fucking Jonas Brothers album. Or the Black Eyed Fuckwits. Or Moby. Or Jay-Z.

If they get the server sorted, I'm definitely paying the 59p. I also have a feeling this will be canned by Scrabble's lawyers.

EDIT: Please feel free to add me. It's keeping my brain working overtime :)

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Loving it as well, but as most of you know by now I'm pretty poor.

Chooch81 for some confidence boosting wins!

EDIT: might be a bit slow to respond today as I'm back in work. Although I suppose that's the charm of it!

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I've put Words With Friends on my dock now. I use it more than the iPod at the moment. (I use the iPod every day, but only a couple of times, and normally just double click the Home button to start it shuffling.)


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I've updated the first page with all of the usernames given so far. Hero of Canton, you're Rudderless, right?

I've also finished a few more games today, against Cassidy, Duckula and Mortis:


In the middle of a couple of nail-bitingly close games at the moment though.

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