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Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!


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11 hours ago, probotector said:

Shooting back to back would have been a better idea!


Surely this will be a costly mistake for WB!? I guess they were being too cautious 


Production costs are the largest part of a movie, so yeah, it would be an expensive decision. If this doesn't make bank then heads will roll.

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On 06/02/2022 at 11:51, Benny said:

This might be a stupid question, but is it possible to buy a digital 4k HDR version of this that is lossless? I.e. what you get on the 4k disc as a file. Or does one still have to put up with streaming artefacts on literally every thing if you're trying to go discless these days? I rented it on Amazon last night in 4K and as usual even the 4k stream was still lacking in quality in terms of bitrate, and I fancy owning it.


EDIT: I'm guessing if I download to the Amazon Prime app it will essentially be the highest quality a (legitimately purchased) 4K digital version is going to get?

Appreciate this is a six month old discussion, but thought it might be vaguely interesting to clarify that even the 50gb disc versions are highly compressed H264s, albeit with lossless audio.

An actual lossless delivery export of a film Dune’s length (155mins), to the home entertainment spec (3840x2160 aka UHD, slightly smaller than the 4k cinema delivery spec and much smaller than the native camera format which was probably 6k) would be roughly 11tb for the picture alone. That’ll be just one of at least 4-5 different versions which get delivered. 

HDR doesn’t make any difference to the file size either, when you’re dealing with lossless working formats it all comes out the same, just exported with a different gamma curve. 

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I've since realised what you can download is not that great when it comes to compression: the download is essentially the same as what they have available to stream, so you'll not be getting any better if you download a purchase than you do from streaming on a 30mb+ connection.


It would be nice to get 50Gb downloads, but it looks like the only way to get that outside of ripping the physical discs is basically piracy.

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Netflix’s compression is actually very impressive, they do mad stuff like analysing film grain on the sever side and rebuilding it client-side to retain detail. Shame the tech is mostly wasted on their shite original content. 

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2 hours ago, pledge said:

Are they not h265? (Genuine question as you seem to know about this stuff)

UHD Blu-Rays are H265, you’re absolutely right. It’s just better compression, H265’s are recommend for HDR content but there’s nothing stopping me actually making a HDR H264. If we have a client who needs to review a HDR grade but can’t come to the suite, we’ll stick one on an iPad Pro. 


Outside of that though I don’t have anything to do with that side of things, everything I deliver from my suite to the streamers will be full fat uncompressed EXRs, clocking in at 10tb or whatever. If it’s a terrestrial TV channel it’s not as bad, probably just a .mov in some flavour of ProRes, ‘only’ a few hundred gb.

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