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This is Hip-Hop.


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Also, I've been heavily rotating this track from Shinehead's 1986 album Unity of late:

Annoyingly the version I have has some extra synth pads in there and none of those mad sounding percussive bits (it's the second half - from about 4 minutes on - of this video) but anyway, can anyone tell me where the line "Shinehead, shockin' the house" has been used in other hip-hop tracks? I'm pretty sure I've heard it before ... maybe some Justin Warfield or even Beastie Boys. It's far too recognisable to just be in my memory from that track alone!

It's a great album. No idea where it's been sampled, but Who The Cap Fits was an international smasheroo (well, UK & US at least, and no doubt JA as well), so maybe you just know it?

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Saw Doom las night. I thought it was pretty good, but I did go in with much lower expectations than Chewy did. I never had Doom down as a party-rocker in my head, see, but the place was bouncing. There were a couple of real spine-tingling moments for me, like the Dilla beat change-up halfway through 'Gazillion Ear,' and the moment when 'Rhimes Like Dimes' came on. To paraphrase Doom, the place went apeshit.

To be fair, I went with the expectations that for 28quid he'd play an hour and a half, and that I would be able to hear him properly. Not that high! ;)

What I got was just under an hour, too much bass, very faint back music (at times) and DOOM sounding like he was mumbling a lot (I know he ain't the most conherent but the mike was shit!)

It wasn't really DOOM that let me down, more the sound man! :(

Oh and too much Madvillian, the guy has done like a million albums and a quarter of the set must have been Madvillian.

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I'm into French things at the moment. French football. French food. French TV.

I hear the Frogs are good at this hip-hop lark, not sure where to start though - what's good in French language hip-hop? I'm aware of NTM and that's about it.

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what's good in French language hip-hop?

I'm partial to a bit of Rouge á Levres and was introduced to them via this track, they spit 2nd and 3rd and the dude who spits last fucking kills it even though I have no fucking clue what he's spitting... Rapidfireeeeeeee.

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