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On 20/08/2022 at 23:31, Camel said:

Whole album is superb.


I've been listening to it a lot lately, loving it. The Michael Kiwanuka track reminded me of Broken Bells, of which I'd completely missed they have a new album out next month.

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Thought I’d drop in and leave a list of my albums of the year so far (out of over 330 albums I’ve listened to) No particular order. 

Black Thought - Cheat Codes


Ghettosocks - Listen to the Masters


bRavenous - Ghosts of Rockingham 


Che Noir - Food for Thought


Kno & Sadistik - Wake Me Up When the World is Cured


Elzhi - Zhigeist


Lupe Fiasco - Drill Music in Zion 


Ill Conscious - Acres of Diamonds 


LOU - Journey of Choices


A God the Soul - Labor & Tribute 


Jermiside - The Overview Effect 


Pete Flux - Global Scope 


Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz - Ever Since 


Recognize Ali - No Games Strictly Bizniz 


Prop Dylan - Bushido Code 

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On 10/09/2022 at 13:12, SM47 said:

Anyone following this Egon thang? 




Surely DOOM had loads of rhyme books scattered about. Did Egon take all of them? 


It's a weird one. That photo you see that does the rounds of DOOM officiating a ceremony is of Egon's wedding, so they were obviously tight at some point. It'd be interesting to see where Madlib sits in all this as him and Egon, Freddie Gibbs and some New York financier bloke were always knocking about on the socials doing tours of ridiculous restaurants and vineyards. That's all completely dried up over the last few months. It looks like Stacy Epps (the same one from Madvilliany oddly) is now his manager so they've probably parted ways.


Talib Kweli has gone to town on the bloke, but he's a total crank these days so who knows. Egon does seem to make a very nice living from acquiring old black dudes master tapes and record collections, but then he does appear to come from a place of appreciation and had an ongoing friendship with them. Maybe he is a culture vulture, but Kweli isn't the most reliable and some old notepads don't really feel like a big deal in the grand scheme of things. 

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1 hour ago, wev said:

Found De La Soul's "De La Soul Is Dead" album in a charity shop today, listened to it 3 times since getting home this afternoon, I love Pease Porridge from it






Underrated album. That track pops into my head whenever I drive past Pease Pottage on the way to Brighton. Find myself involuntary singing ‘nine days old’. 

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