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This is Hip-Hop.

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I only just got around to listening to the Danny Brown album a couple of days ago - apparently it's been sat on my desktop since August :facepalm:

I love it. This track in particular.

The Based God just gave a lecture at New York University, and dropped numerous gems on 'em:

Full lecture up tomorrow!

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Dr. Dre is reportedly planning to bring Tupac Shakur and Nate Dogg back to life during his headline set at this weekend's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.

The rapper headlines the festival on Sunday (April 15) and again on the following Sunday (April 22) and is reportedly planning to include holograms of the dead hip-hop stars in his set.

According to Los Angeles radio stationKROQ, a source close to Dre has said that he will bring Tupac Shakur to life via hologram during his set for a performance of 'California Love' and Nate Dogg will appear in the same way for his collaboration with Dre 'The Next Episode'.

Dead rapper holograms really is taking it to the next level.


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EDIT - Dis dat Newsnight piece, by the way:

This is quite amazing...I had no idea these guys were the new Beastie Boys! Amazing that in this day and age people are concerned enough about 'offensive lyrics' to put it on the news. Mind you, all I know about them is that brilliant Earl tune, so they could be planning to bring down the state for all I know.

Planning to bring down the state by making the kids get stupid haircuts, I mean. That's right, I'm over forty!

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No Dear Mama fans?

Seriously though, this album is a classic to me:


I have this album kicking around somewhere on cassette and apart from I get around, I never really liked it. It just sounded like a really shit Ice Cube album to me, even the production on it was very much like the stuff Sir Jinx used to make.

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