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Which single game has been released on the most formats?

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But most of those games aren't the original tetris!! Surely Hatris, Welltris and Tetris Attack are completely separate games? And the others aren't actually Tetris- they're technically the sequels...

The main article on Wikipedia doesn't list all the platforms. And where do you draw the line at something being a separate game? I doubt those 55 versions that the Guinness Book or Records lists are identical.

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My first thought coming into this thread was Lemmings, but Sonic 1 has also been released on a lot of systems:

Mega Drive

Saturn (Sonic Jam)

Dreamcast (Sega Smash Pack)

Gamecube (Mega Collection)

PS2 (Mega Collection Plus)

Xbox (Mega Collection Plus)

PC (Mega Collection Plus)

Game Boy Advance

PSP (Sega Genesis Collection)

Xbox 360 (Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection/XBLA)

PS3 (Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection)

Wii (Virtual Console)

Mobile Phones (Sonic the Hedgehog Part 1/Part 2)


iPhone (according to Wikipedia this isn't out yet)

But the Master System and Game Gear versions count as a different game!

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A more interesting question is what game that shouldn't have been released on loads of formats (not so much because it was shite, rather, because its so niche) actually was?

Rise of the Robots...seemed to be on everything at the time.

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