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GoldenEye - out now on Switch & Xbox

ras el hanout

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OT, but I'm pretty damn sure that Turok didn't launch the same day as the N64.

Wikipedia has the EU/PAL date the same for both the N64 and Turok. EDIT: Having said that, the N64's Wiki page does say: "The N64 was released with two launch games, Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64, and a third in Japan, Saikyō Habu Shōgi.".

I was working in Comet at the time and bought the N64 first, with Mario 64 and Pilotwings, but not Turok - I was eagerly awaiting that game and would've bought it at launch if I could. It also definitely did not have on-cart saves, as I remember the shitty, third-party pak I had to buy, which routinely lost the saves.

Maybe they did and stock was low of Turok or something. Or maybe (and this is my hunch) it was supposed to be a launch game and was ever-so-slightly delayed.

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Did Odd Job really, as I remember it, have a massive advantage over all the other playable characters, on account of his height making him very hard to hit? In my memory, all of the other characters play exactly the same, other than having different polygon models. And then you had Odd Job, who was half the height, making him harder to hit, but without any balancing penalty.

Is that how it really was or is it just my memory? I think we even banned playing as Odd Job because he seemed cheap.

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I'm sure Turok was just after launch, and I think it was literally days not weeks, something like March 4th.

Yeah, it was literally days. Something like I got my N64 on a Saturday and then Turok on something weird like the following Tuesday.

Anyway, yeah, Goldeneye: The Archive, starting with no weapon, slapping a couple of guards and ending up taking on the whole building with double dd44%20dostovei.jpg Dostovei power... One of my top gaming experiences.

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If you play either Goldeneye or Perfect Dark on a PC emulator, on a rig with plenty of poke, does it get the frame rate up to 30FPS and above (even during those sections when the original versions would have slowdown)?

Just wondered, because for all these years the N64 is one of the few consoles I've never done the whole PC emulation thing with.

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I liked the way that as you increased the difficulty, not only was it harder, more missions opened up for you to complete before finishing the level. I spent about 3 months on it at uni about 6 years ago. It wasn't that new when I played it but I really got sucked in and enjoyed every moment of it. I remember it being really tough on 00-agent on some of those levels and going through them over and over until I knew every move the enemies made. Those bloody laser gun guys who appeared after killing off Jaws used to do my head in.

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Goldeneye was awesome. Such a time sink, along with MK64, for my 18th & 19th years.

I'll never replicate those lost hours on Stack, Complex & Library. Amazing scenes with battles to ten, with proxims... With pistols... With the Golden Gun. People picking Siberian Special Forces or Arctic Commando 'cos their costume was good on a certain level. People screaming "PLAYER BOO WITH A BUICIDE COUNT OF BOO" as they ran in to hail of grenades, discharged by themselves. Mates performing a 'jig of death' before claiming bullshit on someone achieving 'Most Accurate'. Bare people remembering the respawn points on some stages, whilst other cried out against the gammy pad, with excessive amounts of crust on the stick

Still, looks like a piece of shit today, eh?

But this was my question really, did you lose those hours because it was NEW or because it was awesome.

If Goldeneye launched today with smart graphics would it, because of the way FPSs have developed and evolved, be a bit shit?

And the difficulty that opened up new levels, that really did make it seem like 3 times the game. It wasn't like, oh, I'll just play it on OO. I mean, it was a different game on each setting. But you'd do each setting, mainly because you had to, but you'd want to.

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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was released one week after the N64 launched in Europe. I remember it well. The game overwhelmed me with its 'open' spaces, thumping bass music and gore. You aimed with the left stick and walked with the yellow c-buttons, and every time you released the stick, the view would auto-centre. There was no option to change that, not could you change the movement from the c-buttons to the d-pad (and thus aim with your right thumb as most of you do today) but what did I know back then? It was the first FPS controlled with a thumbstick!

Played it every day until GE was released, which offered plenty of control schemes to choose from, including the Turok one (albeit without the aim auto-centring, which was a godsend). Most FPS offered the Turok-style controls (now Southpaw) for many years to come, including the top dogs like Halo, Rainbow Six and CoD. But for some reason some developers have never heard of it (the Bioshock guys for instance). How fucking hard is it to include it?! :)

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I still play this with the same friends I played it against 10+ years ago (albeit on an emulator now!). Being so popular it meant that we had all played it and were all of a similar level, it also meant we knew all the levels and how each other would play. It was real rock, paper, scissors stuff and probably accounts for at least half of my all time favourite gaming moments.

The multiplayer took up so much timethat it is easy to remember how inventive and down right brilliant the single player game was. I'd tried playing Doom and Woolfenstein before but Goldeneye was on another level.

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What's unbalanced about one hit kills with a pistol? That's what sorted the men from the boys. None of this body armour, or health regenerating stuff. One bullet and your dead. Perfect gaming.

agreed, Licence to kill was the only way to play

Facility or stack Licence to kill


no oddjob

no siberian special forces

no small scientist

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The creator of the video has said "Patience is key" to queries. So it may see the light of day. Just maybe not legally.




Is this related to the 4chan leak earlier last month?

-No, not at all. That file is a dead weight that cannot be cracked. We've known of people with these builds for years before now from parternet/pnet. It was just a matter of time.


How did you get hold of this?

-I can't say. Patience is key.


Is this releasing soon/some day?

-The release of this is not on me, I'm just able to record footage.


Does this mean it's being hoarded?

-No. Patience is key.


How do you feel about Nintendo cancelling this remake?

-Nintendo did not cancel this, they're not the owners of the license. If you want GE back, ask the IP holders, not gaming companies.



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  • Kryptonian changed the title to GoldenEye - out now on Switch & Xbox

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