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I've been enjoying this too, for some reason I wasn't expecting it to get much love on rllmuk.

While I did enjoy the first two or three episodes I think it really has taken off since that amazing special episode they put out a few weeks back. The last couple of episodes I watched back to back last night were fantastic. They've still got all the dark stuff in there, but much more humour in these last few I've found.

I think even the simplest 'gag' of the blind guy falling over the chair while running after Tealeaf was one of the funniest scenes.

Quiche Lorraine?

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"999 Letsbe Avenue - that's where they live" has been, for some strange reason, the best bit for me. Really made me laugh.

Great show, back up there with the best of the League of Gentlemen.

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I definitely wouldn't say it's as funny as the League, but not because the jokes are bad, there are just fewer of them which seems like a deliberate attempt.

So I'm not saying it's inferior or anything.

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It was good, don't get me wrong...the bit where David reveals the contents of the bag was pant-wettingly funny.

"He always was the weakest link goodbye" was an incredible line, as well. :P


It raised way more questions than it answered! The dwarves?! The locket?! KENCHINGTON'S ALIVE?! Was bang on with my theory, though. :P

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