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The website reminds me of the LoG book, Tubb's Diary. Really worth getting hold of if you can, packed full of amazing articles and adverts of Royston Vasey.

Is that the one with the drawings from kids of 'Wise Owl', who comes into their room at night and has secrets with them?

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Enjoyed it again but a few of the performances held that episode back for me. The Panto crew a little but especially the fat-twins + Dudley family, who I find quite jarringly bad. The quality is just so much higher in certain scenes.

Still excellent overall, I just wanted a little moan about that.

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The dwarf guy with the mind powers is such a rubbish actor, they should have used Lord of the Rings techniques and had Elijah Wood play all of the dwarves. Or are they midgets, I always get confused.

That was on one of those "stupidest quiz answers ever" things:

"What sort of mythical being was Frodo Baggins in Lord Of The Rings?"

"I dunno... What one was Frodo?"

"Think a small person"

"Oh, a midget!"

"Midgets aren't mythical creatures"

"They are! I've seen the films!"

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I must say, unless this is a test series for something bigger.. or a further series of Psychoville... There havent been enough episodes.

It seems Madness there are only two left. - With the story only just beginning to unravel.

I reckon.. Its going to end on a Cliffhanger for another series!

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Wipe my bum indeed! :)

.. The internet is going crazy because they cant see the last episode of Psychoville.

Major BBC fuck up is the word on the street...

Watch it next week?

All in all Psychoville has been ruddy fantastic. Apart from the midgets.


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