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The Tina Turner costume was far more disturbing than anything they have done so far in Psychoville. Fantastic alhough the episode was nowhere near as good as last week's.

The tina turner bit was definitely the high point, rest was so-so. But fucking hell, i was walking down the road yesterday and started laughing to myself thinking about Tina Turner...fucking incredible :lol:

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Can someone tell me what happened at the very end of this episode? My fucking dvr cut out right at the scene wehre tea leaf and lomaxs son were just about to walk back into the house

Tealeaf and son enter and see Lomax hanging dead. Cop sneaks around (taking his cup away so it doesn't look like there was anyone else there).

David opens envelope to see who that fella on the train wants him to kill and it's the old dear that 'helped' Jelly in his act.

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Best thing on tv this. Thought this episode was good as well, interested to see where its all going.

That it may be, but i dont think the forum as a whole are into this much? ( this thread was half way down page two )

Granted series Two is completely all over the place, and its beyond me why people are being killed off.

If i can be perfectly honest I suppose im watching it to see where the story goes as well...

Its a strange comedy series this one!

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