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Assassin's Creed 2

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Oh bombs are really useful for creating instant death situations when you want to quickly get rod of an ambush. The gun is a bit shit thoufh. Throwing knives are good for archers on rooftops and sending groups of helpers to intervene is always good too.

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Well I've now gotten 100% of everything but synchronization shows up as 96.8%. Does this mean its the dlc that's missing as I noticed there are 4 red spaces for the seals that don't exist in the main game?

Also a while back there was a guy I assassinated and randomly decided to loot him and found a key. I wasnt sure if that was needed or some extra thing I found accidentally.

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got this on PC for a replay after the disappointment of AC3. Looks great, although it's still a bit jarring that the character's faces are COMPLETELY different in the intro video compared to the rest of the game. And Lucy just looks horrifying in general.

I forgot about the baby bit :lol:

Ezio is a total bro, he first act in the game is to slag off some prick, get into a brawl and then go looking for pussy. Connor just mopes about for 40 years.

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